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Beef Powder?

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  • Beef Powder?

    Hello All,

    Back for another round. I wondered if anyone has tried beef protein powder. The brand I'm looking at is for organic grass fed bone broth protein powder. That is the only ingredient and there are no flavors added. A level scoop is 87 cals with 1.4 cals from fat/<1g of fat. No carbs and 21.4g of protein.

    Has anyone tried it? Is there any reason that this would be a bad idea?

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    Hey nice jade! I haven't tried it, but anything off protocol could potentially be a bad idea. However, many people do things off-protocol and still lose weight, so if you want to try it and see how it goes, you always have that option.


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      I have used bone broth on the Hcg Diet and had no problems. I actually used it in place of a protein though. I'm glad you chose one with no other ingredients as well- I think that is always important. Keep us posted if you decide to try it!
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        Thanks for your thoughts ladies. I did end up buying it off of amazon. It showed up yesterday and I had my first serving today. I admit I was a bit hungry after using it (yes I use it as protein). I basically cut up onions and garlic and included it in the "broth" (the broth has little to no taste because I didn't purchase the flavored version). I kept everything the same today so I'll let you know how it goes in weightloss tomorrow.


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