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Trouble with Gaining Weight on Phase 3

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  • Trouble with Gaining Weight on Phase 3

    hey guys,

    When I came off the hcg diet I was 163 lbs now I weigh myself this morning and I'm 170. I don't know why I am having trouble gaining weight. I am going to another round. I started at 177 I'm at a loss right now. THe only thing that I strayed from the phase 3 diet is I have had ritz crackers.

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    also do I have to continue to take a break? I went for 23 days can I go into phase 2 again. I've been on phase 3 for a little less than a week?



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      Carter- same thing happened to me so I am doing p-2 again after 3 weeks on p-3. I only gained 4 lbs but as I added foods my middle felt so much bigger so I am thinking about trying to loose 10 more lbs so I have a little "room" and still feel good! I loaded on Friday and started yesterday. I already feel better.


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        thats good to hear santiago. My stomach feels smaller but slightly bigger as compared with the final day of phase 2.


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          Search for cyclers to learn about returning to P2.
          What foods did you add in your P3's and did you do steak days at all?


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            peanuts ( i ate alot of those )
            ritz cracker (i know its not on the plan)
            and all of phase 2 foods
            olive oil
            apple cider vinegar

            what do you mean cyclers?




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              1) Many people are allergic to eggs and peanuts. Did you try them on the first few days of Phase 3 whether you are allergic?
              2) No wonder, ritz crackers are bad news for you! Keep away from any starch and sugars. Sigh!
              3) You need to do a "Steak Day" if you gain over 2 lb over your LIW. Did you weigh daily to keep eyes on whether you gain?


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                since you only did 23 days, yes- you can go back on P3 and complete your original round- so another 17 days. if you want to stretch that to 23 you probably can. i'd avoid the nuts for now. start with meat, veggies and fruit, and only add in other things if your weight is not increasing.
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                  Ditto what Pah said.
                  It's easier for you to go read posts about cycling than to redefine it here. I'm working off a phone right now.


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                    peanuts aren't for P3 they are a legume.

                    Also, you mention "When I came off the hcg diet I was 163 lbs"...what is your LIW/LDW? I lost another 3 pounds on my 3 days of VLCD but a lot of people gain that back, myself included, you don't have as much hcg in your system.

                    If you aren't 2lbs over LIW/LDW, I wouldn't worry about it. Get rid of the peanuts and crackers and get back on track for P3.

                    BUT, you can go back into P2 like Mgsondance said.
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                      Like Margie says, it's not considered cycling since you've only been on P3 for a week- Dr. S calls that an interruption. So you can go back on P2 right now and finish out a long round.