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Benefiber OK?????

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  • Benefiber OK?????

    I am new just starting tomorrow. I've read all the blogs out there and I am not sure what to do I don't want a Natural Herb had been on them for years and my doctor had me stop after my first colonoscopy. He suggested Benefiber, sugar free have been on it for some time now. Can I continue with it?
    It does say sugar free but had 3g of fiber??? 15 calories??? I also use flax seed in my shakes (protein) or on yogurt, both of which I will be foregoing when I start P2 tomorrow.

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    Check the label for all the ingredients. Look for anything vaguely starch/sugar related. Could you drink a tea? Sometimes I use one called Smooth Move..it never fails to work.


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      I use Magnesium Citrate to help get me going as I have big issues with constipation but I go every single day while on it. It is good for electrolytes too!

      If this was me I would not go the benefiber route. Doesn't it have carbs?


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        I am using metamucil clear this round (3). It is inulin fiber and it is helping to keep the constipation away...plus helping me to stay full longer. I am down 8.5 on day 11 which is a good loss for me. 33.5 in total since august.


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