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  • Period+Nausea?

    Period started the night of mothers day (may 13). I had no nausea or food aversions until Monday morning and its still on going (today is the 17th). I did continue to take my shots since I was still losing weight. Its my first period since my miscarriage 10 weeks ago and I'm having the same meat aversions I did when I was pregnant. Maybe because I am taking my HCG while on my period? Its my first time not taking a break while on my period.
    Another question. If I was pregnant symptoms wouldn't show up 6 days after sex correct? My ovulation sticks matched up exactly with my period start date so I'm a bit off. It was also heavy and had thin, fleshy clots (TMI)! Any advice would be appreciated!!
    R2 ED recovery- 170
    Loading weight- 154
    Last day- 134

    R3 Loading 150.6
    Last day-

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