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850-1250 Calories on hCG Diet?

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  • 850-1250 Calories on hCG Diet?

    Here is an hCG plan that claims you can lose just as fast eating 850-1250 calories on VLCDs. Is anybody on this one? If so, are you losing?

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    I'm pretty much following the original protocol, except I mix veggies and on occasion will add a little extra protein. However, a friend went through a local clinic who follows an 800 calorie plan, and she is losing steady. Who know if she would have lost better following the original protocol? My SIL & BIL followed the origingal plan, except they ate an extra hard boiled egg every morning (her 1, him 2) and she lost 20 lbs in 30 days, he lost 26 lbs in 30 days.

    So, that didn't really answer your question, did it? I don't think one can say if they are losing just as fast, because you cannot be sure if you might have lost more. I think the question is, are your losses acceptable, and what do you consider acceptable? If you ask a MD, they will tell you that 1 or 2 lbs a week is acceptable.
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      There are times I am positive I have gone over the 500 Calories allowed but thats more because I am experiencing mad hunger which is slowly getting fixed ... I think most people want to follow the original plan because there is more of a guarantee of success as its already been studied but i see more and more people doing the trial and error and learning as they go...everyone being different can experience different effects so with that said, if my hunger is so out of control i am going to eat more meat or vegies or fruit but i try to stay as close to protocol as i can as I personally feel its the best for long term .... when we do variations i think we need to be prepared for issues down the road ... just sayin' I have played with this diet and have learned that for me, what i can and cannot do and its so different from what others can and cannot do so with that said, if eating some extra calories does not hurt you or bother you then by all means have it if you need to...if not then there is no need i mean if you are going day to day and not hungry on the hcg why have more calories??? I say listen to your body and do what is best for you!
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        Well, guys, I was just thinking if this is true, then what are they all going to argue against the diet if 1250 calories are allowed on VLCD and it works. In my opinion, that would be a MAJOR plus for hCG!!!
        What matters is how you see YOURSELF...


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          People eating more than 500 don't lose as well. We've seen a lot of people over the past couple of years come and go with these other protocols and they usually don't lose as well and often end up regaining the weight.
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            As grammy said, everyone out there seems to have their own version of the hcg diet.....and if you think about it, they benefit if it takes you more rounds to lose the weight, because you are paying them. I guess my opinion is the original protocol works well, and there is no reason to fix it. I also have seen alot of folks over the last 2 plus years come and go...get discouraged, and not like paying extra for the clinic versions. It may work for you, if so, bless you. If not, we are here to help you!
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              I'm pretty much protocol and I can't imagine in any way that I would loose more eating anywhere from 300 to 750 calories more/day..... matter of fact I'm sure I wouldn't.
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                Fact is, many people look into the diet and just don't think they can do the P2 part. So there are lots of clinics who want to still sell the diet and claim they have an easier way for you to do it. I'm sure there are those who honestly think they are modernizing the diet for the better, but have they run a clinic with years of data like Dr. S when they claim their version works as well as the original?

                I just think that tried and true is the way to go when undertaking something like this....rogue tribe...stand me up and line up the firing squad!
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                  LOL susan, no firing squads allowed on this forum....that's a different forum you are thinking about! LOL.....
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