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Experiences with detox bath?

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  • Experiences with detox bath?

    I tried a detox bath using a recipe I saw on the forum. (Ginger, Epsom Salt & baking soda) Don't think my body liked it. I weighed before I started & at that point had lost 1# since the morning. When I got out of the bath I had gained over 2#'s! The next morning at weigh in I had lost 1# so I was back at the exact weight I was when I weighed right before the bath. Then this morning I had gained 2 ounces. I think I retained the salt, after the bath I could taste salt in my mouth. I also think I had it too hot. Do you need to do more than one to start seeing results?

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    I take these baths every now and then. I usually do see a small drop in my weight, but nothing amazing, usually not a pound. I use one cup of the salt, and one cup of the baking soda and get the water so hot I almost can't get in. Then I sweat like crazy! Which I think is the point of the bath. I usually feel very weak afterwards so just sit around until I feel better. I wonder what would happen if I used less salt...?


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      Yeah, I got in the bath & was still filling it up so didn't notice how hot it was until it was done filling up. Goes to show the saying about a boiling frog is definitely true, lol. I was really weak afterwards too, my heart was pumping like I had just run a marathon. I sweat while in the bath but didn't at all once I got out...which is why I'm thinking I retained a lot.


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        I took one my first round when my weight stalled. It was nice and relaxing, and I enjoyed it. But it didn't do anything for my weight loss. Time took care of that.


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          I took one last night and put 2 cups epsom salts, 2 boxes of baking soda and some grated ginger- was only able to stay in for 24 mins before I started getting dizzy, but woke up this morning to a 2 pound loss! I can't say for certain if the detox bath helped or if it was just coincidence, but I'm not knocking it either way!

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            I tried one the day after an apple day (had stalled for a week). I took my bath at night before going to bed, and lost .8 pds the next morning. If nothing else, it felt wonderful and I'm planning on doing another.


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              Just be careful staying in a hot tub can make your BP spike which might be why many get so lightheaded. I know mine goes through the roof when I soak in too hot of tub and I have a very hard time getting out and staying on my feet. Also why real hot tubs have warnings.

              I'd hate to see someone hurt themselves to try to drop that ounce or pound of weight. If you have BP issues or are on meds, proceed cautiously.


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                So I tried the detox bath last night. I only lost .4 this morning. I'm not quite sure if it worked or not becaue I'm used to these low releases. I will probably try it one more time and then see what happens...

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                  I don't take them to lose weight, I take them to relax and to help me sleep. I've never been able to sweat in them other then just a tiny bit, but your skin feels like velvet in the morning and during P2 that alone is worth the trouble.


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