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HCG and smokeless tobacco

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  • HCG and smokeless tobacco

    My husband and I are getting ready to start. One problem, he uses smokeless tobacco, dips about a can a day. I have researched that the product he uses contains not only sugar, but possibly mint oils, etc. Is there anyone else out there who has knowledge of effects of using product while on diet. Pros? Cons? Anything other than he must stop, because it's not happening any time soon. Sigh.....

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    Wow, a can a day... are you sure... That is a lot... I did it for over 20 years and average was about 2 cans a week..

    Not sure how it effects the diet, never really considered it..
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      I don't dip. But I was an extravagant chain smoker during my first protocol. I now have an electronic cigarette so I do not purchase tobacco at all. Does he smoke? If he converts to vaping for his nicotine addiction that might help and it takes you off MAOI's that are in rolled or chewing tobacco. I've had no trouble losing while on an electronic cigarette. The other question is, does he swallow? Most guys spit but a few sneaky folks I never knew to chew actually never spit and put in smaller dips. They swallowed it, sometimes even the full cud. It's a reality that spitting will probably be better than swallowing any dip-juice-derivatives. Since I know stopping isn't very probable during protocol the best bet would be to convince him to try and taper down before he goes on. He doesn't have to quit just lessen his usage. Otherwise have him start but expect a difference/lack of loss. Granted, it all depends on how sensitive he is, really. It might not be an problem at all - but everyone's sensitivities are really quite different so it will be hard to tell until he's on the actual VLCD.
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