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Coconut Flour Pizza!

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  • Coconut Flour Pizza!

    P3 coconut flour pizza dough. Not quite crust but hey, i haven't had bread products in 6 weeks so I'm pretty happy about it! Take that P3!379228_3436242470396_1400499117_50677665_1999745385_n.jpg

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    Looks tasty! How did it differ than regular pizza crust?


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      Really wasn't pizza crust at all. It's sort of grainy, but the fact that I haven't had any bread products in the past 2 months, it was delicious!


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        I'm glad you enjoyed it. I miss pizza.

        Have you tried the cauliflower pizza crust? I think she has one made with chicken and cheese, too.


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          I am a big fan of the cauliflower crust! I can't get it to crisp up on the top and bottom yet even when I flip it, and it cooks a little too much on the edges, but I am working on it. Or, I will when I get to P3.

          1 cup cooked riced cauliflower (excess moisture squeezed out)
          1 cup shredded mozzarella
          1 egg
          spices to your taste
          *I add a little parmesan cheese, too.

          Mix, press into whatever shape you like. Cook 350 degrees for 18-20 minutes. Flip 1/2 way through.
          Once I flip it, I am experimenting with adding a circle of foil to edges. Once cooked, add toppings, remove foil circle, and cook or broil until the cheese is melted to your likings. Watch carefully: due to all the cheese in the crust it is easily browned.