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Newbie looking for opinions on Hucog injections

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  • Newbie looking for opinions on Hucog injections

    Hello all, I am a total newbie here (R1P2D7)! I am wanting some honest opinions on hucog injections. I purchased mine from reliableRx (not advertising just wanting feedback) and my injections sting! Also, I'm using 150iu and still getting little hungry at night. I definitely got hungry last night (6th day/off day) so I cheated. Uugghh! A year ago I tried hcg injections from a diff online website & they were painless but cost twice as much.

    I have been getting headaches, small hunger pains, & lethargy this last first week so should I back down to 125iu? Has anyone had any success from using hucog from the above mentioned website? Sorry for all the questions...I just love this website.

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    How did you mix your Hucog? I have used Hucog for my past 2 rounds and have never had any pain. Oh, I got my Hucog from ReliableRX too.
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      I just tried to reply so if you get this twice, sorry. Thank you for your feedback! I have been mixing 5000iu in 10mL water. So I was injecting .3mL (150iu dose), and alternating stomach/thigh. Today I backed down to 125iu to see if it helps with my other symptoms.


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        Could it be your needles?
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          Hi. I am thinking about ordering Hucog myself. What sterile water do i use? also what size needles should i purchase? (Sorry, im a newbie as well)
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            I also bought my hucog from there with no issues. Are you mixing enough water with it? I use 8 ml for the 2000 iu. No burn at all!


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              Make sure to roll the vial around in your hands, (no shaking), to make sure it is thoroughly dissolved.