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Terrible Headaches in P3

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  • Terrible Headaches in P3

    Hopefully someone can give me some insight. I'm on Day 9 of P3, and my weight is stabilizing great which I'm happy about. However, I'm getting terrible headaches and not sure why. I never had a headache during 42 days of P2. Has anyone experienced this in P3? Did you find the cause? I thought it might be the cheese or almonds that I added small amounts of. However so far today I've not had dairy or almonds and still have an aweful headache? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I haven 't done a P3 on this program yet, but in general I always get TERRIBLE headaches when on any low carb diet for a significant length of time. If you are a slow oxidizing metabolic type, then your body really needs some kind of carbohydrate to get energy for your brain. If I were you, I'd increase your allowable carbohydrates like fruit and see if you feel any better. For me, headaches are almost always caused by not enough fuel for my brain.

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      I'm on P3 and Im stabilizing well. I have also experienced several headaches, this is usually when my water intake is low for the day. Try drinking more water, it helped me.
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