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Trader Joes Blue Agave Syrup for P3

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  • Trader Joes Blue Agave Syrup for P3

    I cant wait to stop eating stevia! Wondering if Agave is ok for P3? In james walkers book it was ok for p2 but i didnt take the chance. Anyone using it in p3?

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    Most of everything that I have read has said p4 only. I wish it was ok because I love it.



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      Me too...I will definitely wait till P4 to have, also...I buy in bulk and get Medava Organic light for baking mainly. LOVE IT!


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        definitely not for P2 or P3
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          Not for 3


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            I'm curious... I see lots of people talking about this stuff (Agave) and I even saw it in my grocery store the other day... what does it taste like? I LOVE honey and can't wait to use it again, is it similar to that? Is it supposed to be better for you? Thanks.


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              It tastes like sugar. it is wonderful! And way healthier.
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