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Load Day in the Middle of P2?

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  • Load Day in the Middle of P2?

    Hello! Have any of you tried a mini load day in the middle of P2? I seem to be stalling and my coach offered up the idea take a break from an injection for a day, eat some healthy fats and start back up again. Anyone tried this? Any success?? We also talked about the 6 apple day. Have a good evening!

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    I think this question was asked before and someone replied that it would not be a good idea because hcg remains in your body for several days after your last injection. If you eat starches or fats while any traces of hcg are in your body, it can cause a big gain. Then the gain will set you back even further than a stall.

    I'm sure the experts will weigh in some more, but this is the answer that I remember reading some time ago.


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      you need to wait at least 72 hrs after your last shot before eating additional fat- if you want you could do that, do P3 for a day or 2 and then jump back into P2.
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        Dr S says it's undesirable to take a break until at least 23 injections are given. I wouldn't do it.
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