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Craving craving

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  • Craving craving

    But so far so good, I was turning out the lights in the dining room and had to walk past the glass bowl with natural confectionery lollies. I wouldn't have gobbled down the whole lot, my craving isn't that huge, I just wanted one piece of sugary goodness.
    I didn't have it off course, but the craving was there and it was annoying.
    Ah well, just wanted to vent at something, this thread was it.

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    Sometimes cravings are normal, just from seeing the sweet. The fact that you could ignore it shows that the craving wasn't beyond normal. Its like smelling something cooking when you just ate and think, yummy I want some of that. Its a tease to the brain because it smells good or you know it tastes good. I think we all been there and sadly some of us gave in. Good for you that you didn't!
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      Thanks Whispers :-)