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Amazing Okra!

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  • Amazing Okra!

    Okra is in season in Texas and has become one of my staples lately. This is a recipe I scarf even when not on HCG...I eat it rather than popcorn while watching tv or as a snack...crunchy, salty delicious!

    Olive Oil (you can leave this out and it will still be good, but the okra won't be as crispy)

    Preheat oven to 425 Degrees
    Cut the okra in to small, bite size pieces
    Toss okra in salt, pepper and Olive Oil
    Spread on cookie sheet

    Cook for 25 minutes until crunchy...stir the okra halfway to prevent burning

    So So good! and every bit of "sliminess" is gone!

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    I'm in P3 and going to make this. Totally love fried okra!

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    R2 - 14.6 lbs lost (LDW 135.4)
    R3- 15.9 lbs lost (LIW 134)


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      It is like fried okra without the fried


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        I'm dying to try this!!! I'm wondering if they're like okra chips. The Fresh Market here has these tubs of okra chips which I think are flash fried - no breading. They are airy and crispy and salty with that yummy okra flavor. I've wondered if they could be dehydrated, but I keep imagining a slimy mess.

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