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What should I do now??

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  • What should I do now??

    I have been in P4 for 2 weeks. My LIW was 146.6 on I gained 2 lbs on Tuesday morning after trying pizza and went to 149.6, I did a SD on Tuesday and went to 148.2. Yesterday I ended up working out much harder than planned, I did a high protein day and woke up at 150.2. Do I do another SD? I am bloated and haven't had a BM since Sunday? How should I proceed?

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    U shouldn't b doing more than 2 SD per week & so close.
    Try going back to clean p3 food for a little while. And u might wanna take magnesium citrate & maybe psyllium husk for ur constipation (especially if it is a persistent problem).
    Too much exercise could ve caused some water retention. It ll go away. And u seem to ve a problem with something in the pizza. Gluten?

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