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  • Headaches!!!!

    Im almost done my 40 day round. have had lots of headaches throughout. now its been like 4days straight non stop headache! help? can it be hcg related?

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    It may be some sort of a detox going on. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Also you may want to add in something for a detox. When you release fat you are releasing toxins and if your body isn't flushing them out it could cause a headache.
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      Yeah, when I don't drink enough, I can still tell, even now. The detox is ongoing, though stronger in the first days.
      I took ibuprofen on day 3 because I was so miserable from the detox.

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      Round 2 ended 6/27 26
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        Take an aspirin . Here's what pounds and inches states:

        " On the day of the fourth injection most patients declare that they are feeling fine. They have usually
        lost two pounds or more, some say they feel a bit empty but hasten to explain that this does not
        amount to hunger. Some complain of a mild headache of which they have been forewarned and for
        which they have been given permission to take aspirin."


        I had a headache yesterday so I took an aspirin. I also increased my water intake from 2 liters to 3 liters. I haven't had any headaches today.
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        LD2 Gain: +7.6
        Round 2: -12.4 & counting!!! 25 days left!!

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          no more headaches

          now that im in phase 3 all headaches are thankfully gone!