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Once again!

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  • Once again!

    Hi there, I'm back for another round after going back to my old ways and gaining back my weight 😞. This time I come with high blood pressure and high cholesterol...neither of which I had before. I always stay POP and lose well. Please wish me well on my journey. See you all LIGHTER 😀
    The journey to weight loss is measured in baby steps.



    Beginning a new journey. Wish me luck!

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    Did you know that high cholesterol is OFTEN due to low thyroid? Which would also account for your weight gain. 6 weeks after you're done, I would suggest you get your free T3 and free T4 checked. Your free T3 is the most important and optimal is about 3.4 - 4.
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      Welcome back...or, I'm sorry you're back...whichever is more appropriate. I do wish you well on your journey, and may this be the last time you have to lose this weight.


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        Loriegirl how is it going now one week later? I'm back too. I was very successful 5 years ago going from a size 14/16 to a size 4 after being overweight my entire life. Well, I keot the weight off for 3 years and then went through a painful heart break and put on 66 pounds in the last year. Tomorrow is VLCD 1. Here we go again! I am trying to get excited and say things like "I CHOOSE to do HCG, I GET to do this!"


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          Wishing you a fab round, lorigirl


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