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Pickles in P2?

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  • Pickles in P2?

    Are pickles allowed? I have some spears that are 5 calories per spear. No sugars. Ingredients list cucumber, water, vinegar, mustard seeds, and a few other spices...

    Yay or Nay?
    Height: 5'3"
    CW: 127 GW: 110
    Csize: 5-7 Gsize: 1-3

    This is technically my 2 round, first round was in 2011 after I had my son. I lost 9lbs (went from 129 to 120) but have since gained some back.
    4/4 Day 1: 127lbs
    4/9 Day 2: 126lbs

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    From what I've read, as long as the ingredients are fine, pickles are a go. You just have to watch to make sure that the high amount of sodium doesn't make you retain water. Of course, they count as a veggie serving.

    Round 1
    LD 1 (3/31/2011 - pre-load weight): 209.8
    VLCD 1 (post-load weight): 212.4
    VLCD 8: 204.4
    VLCD 15:
    VLCD 22:
    VLCD 29:
    VLCD 36:
    VLCD 38 - last HHCG day (5/9/2011):
    P3 1:
    P3 3 - last VLCD day (5/12/11):

    Age: 38 - Height: 5'8" - Goal: 145


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      Yup, dill pickles should be a go :-)

      It's the icky sweet bread and butterpickles that you need to watch out for.


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        Yep I love my pickles, better then candy. Just have to make sure I don't eat very many or I swell, I could eat the whole jar mmm pickles.


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          I like the baby dill pickles. I eat them as an after work "treat". Usually one little one satisfies my craving.
          Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. ~Will Rogers


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            Well that helps knowing that we can indulge in dill pickles as long as the ingredients are "right"!!

            Starting weight 193.5 (load day 1)
            Load day 2: 192.5 (here we go again... eat like a pig and lose..lol)
            VLCD1: 192.5
            VLCD4: 185.5


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              Re: Pickles in P2?

              I've been able to eat dill pickles in P2 and haven't noticed a scale difference on days I ate them versus days I didn't. I say it's worth a shot to try it out
              R1 P2 start date: April 8, 2011
              30 lbs down
              R1 P3 start date: May 20, 2011
              R2 P2 start date: June 13, 2011 +2 lbs from loading

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