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Sugar Free Jello on Phase 2?

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  • Sugar Free Jello on Phase 2?

    I know it's not on protocol, but I was wondering if this would be a bad item to eat during phase 2? Anyone have experience with it?

    Round 1: Loaded 6/9-6/10
    Results: -21.0 in 30 days
    Lost 5 in maintenance

    Round 2: Loaded 8/20-8/21
    Results: -18.6 in 24 days
    Gained 5 in maintenance

    Round 3: Loading 11/26-11/27
    Results: -17.8 in 24 days

    One day at a time!

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    I wouldn't risk it, but if you're okay with gaining or possibly stalling, you can certainly try it. I believe I've seen posts where there are four or five very specific flavors that some use and seem to do okay on them. You can try an advanced search to locate those.


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      I think Dr. S' intent in P&I is to remove processed or unnatural foods from your diet completely for 23-42 days. While it is true that it is non-caloric, you aren't really giving your body the best chance to succeed at retraining itself if you put this in your body:
      Adipic Acid (for tartness)
      sodium citrate (controls acidity)
      citric acide (for tartness)
      Aspartame (sweetner)
      Acesulfame potassium (sweetner)
      Red 40
      Artificial flavor
      Round 1,2,3: VLCD using RX HCG/Methyl B12 tablets
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      Round 2: Started 274# ended P3: 258# 26 Days
      Round 3: Started 286# Day 35: 256#
      First Goal: 279, reached, Second Goal: 250, Stretch Goal 225.
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      Also, for P3 and on, check out http://mylifevantage.com/strong


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        It does have calories.