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Injection site bruising?

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  • Injection site bruising?

    Is anyone else getting bruises from their shots? I have bruses on both sides (love handle area) where I gave sq injections the last 2 days (not including this morning). Do you think my iron could below or anything or am I doing it in the wrong spot, or is this just normal?
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    I'm not sure if it's normal, but I bruised from time to time..I was told to inject a little slanted, not straight in..
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      I was told by my doctor's assistant to inject at a slant because it is a sub-Q injection not intramuscular, so it shouldn't be going into muscle area and also to inject about 3inches away from my belly button going out toward my side. I don't know if that would help.
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        Yes, bruising is sometimes common along with a rash at the site. It's just that little "something extra" from this diet. Sometimes I bruise sometimes I don't... it all just depends where I inject. I use 30 gauge insulin needles which are TINY & the needle itself it 1/2 an inch long... so luckily since I switched to these the bruising has been minimal, no pain & no stinging =)

        You usually have to buy these in a box of 100 online somewhere like diabetic supply or Walgreens is your state doesn't require a prescription. I LOVE them =)


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          I get bruises too! I use my upper thigh picture w your jean pocket would be cause I am did intramuscular and get bruises I asked my doctor if I could do it any where else and was told no but I have figured out it depends how fast I do it if I do it to slowly it will bleed and if it bleeds it's gonna bruise