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Protein Powder and shakes in phase 2 and 3?

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  • Protein Powder and shakes in phase 2 and 3?

    Alright, so I am just looking to see what everyone else is doing when it comes to the protein powders. I am in phase 3 and my husband is in phase 2. I know they are ok in phase 3, but I have heard of people having success with them in phase 2 also. Any thoughts?

    And what is better in phase 3, Jay Robbs Whey Protein powder, or his Egg White protein powder? Is there much of a difference?

    How often is it ok to have a protein shake in a day/week? I don't want to have too many and gain weight, but I get tired of all the meat. lol

    Anyone having any stalls with the protein powders? Thanks for listening!

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    In p3, I use the Jay Robb Whey chocolate protein powder to make these protein cookies. I then use cream cheese w/sweetener for a frosting. They're a delicious snack and will have two a day. No problems gaining w/it.
    Mommy to 7, ages 2 years through 14 years and step-mommy to two more

    Round 1:
    10/2/10 186 lbs.
    LDW 162.3
    12/21/10 156.6

    Round 2:
    1/1/11 155.2 (preload weight)
    1/3/11 161.2 (load weight)
    2/19/11 136.0 (LDW)

    Round 3: p2d1: 165
    12/11/12 LDW: 136

    Round 4: p2d1 1/25/13
    P3D1 126.4

    Round 5: finished at 142


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      Awesome, thanks!! Wow, two a day with no negative impacts. I will have to try that out and see if I can handle it also. Thanks again!


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