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  • Benefiber

    HI All,
    I'm 21 days into P3, stabilizing pretty well, I think-but the ol' BM's are few and far b/t...I was thinking of using Benefiber daily. I think it's made from a type of sugar though.. I take aloe vera/senna once a week, but I dont want to become to sensitive to it. I was thinking a big bowl of bran buds..I know its not P3, but it used to work for me years ago..
    any suggestions? (I've used smooth move tea, and others, but they aren't great for me)
    “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.”

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    I was thinking about Benefiber too. But I know you can take Physillium husk. You can get it at Trader Joe's or any other health store, Vitamin shop, or something. Probably GNC. So weird. On P2 I was so regular. I have pretty severe IBS, so it was a nice change to be regular for once!! But ever since I've been on P3, I've been having trouble going, which is so weird because I'm now eating fats again, and more food. I had to give myself an enema last night... TMI I know, but is what it is . Felt SOOO much better afterwards. So I'm thinking of starting physillium husk.

    Start weight: 162
    End of Round 1: 146.6
    Gained almost ALL back during P3!! 155!!! NO idea why.

    Start Round 2: 156 (RX sublingual)
    After Loading: 161.2 !!
    WK 1: 154.0 (-7.2)
    WK 2: 151.0 (-3.0)
    WK 3: 146.6 (-4.4)
    WK 4: 146.6 (0) Thanks xmas!!
    VLCD 27:146.4
    VLCD 28:145.4
    VLCD 29: 145.4
    VLCD 30:144.8


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      hey!! thats great, thanks-i think metimucel is physillium..I will try it! I bought a colonic groupon, maybe Ill use it..its starting to scare me a bit..I dont want to depend on supplements forever!
      “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.”