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P3 starting 3/3

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  • P3 starting 3/3

    Well, I made it to P3 - yea! I, like most others I see posting, had some fear and confusion about it. (Why, oh why, doesn't it say "Starch" on the nutrition label? - it would be so much easier!) Anyway, as a home-ec major from the eighties, I figure I can get this. My rules:

    - eat protein with every meal
    - don't eat after 6 or 7 (hard for me!)
    - find new ways to enjoy food without sugar and starch - experiment!
    - move more and try to sweat everyday
    - keep recording foods/weight and watch for problem foods for ME

    So, this morning I woke up to coffee - and didn't have to wait 15 minutes after drops! I had been drinking tea (yuck) and missed my coffee. No cream and no sugar in P2 meant no coffee for me. I was used to xylitol before hhcg - hated stevia, but learned to tolerate it in my red raspberry tea. So, this morning, my first "test" was to mix 1/2 and 1/2 xylitol and stevia in my coffee with heavy cream. First sip - yuck, almost spit it out and cried. But I nursed on it for a while and decided it wasn't THAT bad.

    Then came breakfast - yippy! - 2 Scrambled eggs with provolone on top, and two pieces of SF bacon. I even cooked the eggs in butter - YUMMO! I know, I know, I added two new things - xylitol and provolone - three actually with the cream. Bad me. I had eaten eggs on P2 with no problem, so that wasn't a test.

    I am pleasantly full, not stuffed, and feel grrrrrrreat! I'm off to Earth Fare (like Whole Foods) with my shopping list and ready to stock up. Dinner tonight? Chicken drumsticks and caulirice with a salad and hopefully a dressing I can find at the grocery.

    My treat to myself - I painted my fingernails and toes! Something I haven't done in YEARS! I'm a SAHM and live on 60 acres - manicures just aren't part of my lifestyle, KWIM? So now, looking at my cute hands and feet - I feel ......... pretty. Too bad I had to stop wearing my rings - they were falling off!

    Anybody else want to be a P3 Buddy?
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    I start P3 next weekend.... I'm having an Apple day today to try and break a 3 day stall....can we say IMPATIEnT!!
    I have only lost 18 lbs and want to loose 3 more before P3 starts. I was reading other posts and they have upped their
    Protein while decreasing their carbs and have had great results... So thats the plan. Thursday is my last HCG then
    The 72 count down begins.... I can't WAIT for more choices in foods !!!
    If you can't find the fun in it ... Don't inhale !!


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      wow - anxious to hear how you do - will be starting P3 on Monday - excited, nervous, scared...and sooo want my coffee! I was in the same boat - have been drinking tea - I like tea, but I LOVE my coffee...going to get my cream tomorrow - I have gotten used to stevia - so I hope I can handle it. I did a few eggs on P2 - so my first addition will be the cream - and on day 2, I am going to add salad dressing - another thing I have totally missed......from there - the only additions will be veggies - going to keep everything else P2 for awhile - EXCEPT - I am planning on cooking in coconut oil - and I am considering cocoa crack....just sounds yummy! Will be glad to come along for the ride with both of you!!


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        Dark meat chicken is FABULOUS! I could easily eat six drumsticks - but am holding with three. ahhhhhhhhhh

        Looking forward to getting to know you guys!

        (and for what it's worth I held off waiting for a stall to break and it never did - oh well!)


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          pssssssssssst - hsm - Does that stand for home school mom? It's the way I write it, as I am one. Just wondered if you were, too?


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            I'll be joining you guys soon! Just finishing up my bottle of drops- figure I've got 4-5 days worth left. Can't wait

            zippity- I'm a home school mom, too!


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              lol...no - my name is Helene, its my initials....I am not nearly so clever!


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                mmmmm....now I am going to dream about chicken...dark meat...thinking I don't really want any more white meat for awhile...


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                  Slightly - Cool! And a California homeschooler - you are brave! Hsm - trust me, clever has nothing to do with it in my case! Insanity, maybe!

                  Hang in there, the last few days before P3 are hard, but you can do it! I wasn't hungry at all and really had a hard time eating much today - 822 calories + plus I just made cocoa crack and haven't figured that in yet. Oh. My. Goodness.............better than..........other pleasurable things! I made it with mint extract...........Heavenly! How much is one serving anyway? How about one whole batch - GONE!

                  Darla - you're almost there! Let us know how you're doing!


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                    thanks Zippity - made it thru yesterday - one day to go. wasn't hungry all day - but the evening was tough...so far this morning I am ok though. Going shopping to get everything I will need for this week - still soo very nervous! going to make some cocoa crack too - can't wait for chocolate...and I am soo sure its better than.....lol...other pleasurable things! There are so many versions here. I saw a recipe for vegetables gratin yesterday - and it is surely P3 adaptable - yikes - I am dreaming about tasty food - not necessarily food thats bad for you...at all which is shocking - I think besides my coffee -what I want most is a salad, with dressing - and more than lettuce!! Grateful that I will be able to check in here.

                    I was hoping to be down this morning - but no luck.....I have seen some who really drop those few days of no hcg....not me.

                    Have either of you had TOM issues? I am a week late....and I know I am not preggers....no telltale signs either. I don't mind - but - yeah when it gets here it will be no fun.

                    btw - both of you are brave home-schoolers! I thought about it a few times - but I live rurally - and our school system here is really pretty good - so I never took the plunge. Both kids graduated now....so enjoy 'em - cuz you sure do miss'em!


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                      ham- I'm with you! Coffee with cream and salad dressing. I hardly care about the rest of the P3 foods. Oh, to enjoy my coffee again.... I'm tearing up a bit....
                      Ok, I'm back. Yeah, HCG definitely messed with TOM. I'm doing a long round, so TOM showed up twice, both times about 4-5 days early, and lasted about 8 days. I'm on the pill so I'm usually right in time and only go 5 days. I've seen others get TOM super late.
                      Where we live we can homeschool through the public school system, which works great for us. All the materials and support are provided. We have a "real" teacher that i can bug whenever i need help. My daughter goes to "real" school once a week for computer lab, etc. Plus the whole legal end is totally covered. Nice, since I also have a 1.5 year old who demands a lot of attention


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                        Haha- sorry hsm! I just noticed autocorrect changed your name to "ham". Whoops!


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                          haha! so now I am thinking about ham! I soo miss the days when my kiddos were little - sounds like a great set up!

                          funny you were tearing up - I am so excited about tomorrow - I am tempted to go to bed now!! I did my menu for tomorrow - and have 1333 calories - and 121 gms of protein - and 19 carbs - so I think I should be ok. I know they keep telling me my calories should be at least 1500 - but I don't think I will be able to eat any more protein than that - and to stay below 20 carbs...sheesh! I will contiue to add every day until I get up there. I am going to go tomorrow and get some of the JayRobb protein drink mix - not sure how many carbs is in that tho. In any case - keep us up to date on your progress!


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                            HSM - Hope all goes well on your first day! Check in when you can. This was day 2 for me - no loss, no gain - I'll take that! I'm still having a hard time eating enough calories - well, not when you add in the cocoa crack. I need to check the info to add onto sparkpeople. It can't be good! Today I was 966 calories, better than yesterday (8 something) but still not high enough. I've been away from home. One thing I've learned is for this to work I need to be home! I'm not good at planning!

                            I sure am sleeping good lately. One reason I wanted to get some weight off was because I have sleep apnea and I have wondered if it would be under control if the extra 30 lbs came off. After losing 20 lbs, I'm non-scientifically testing to see how I do without the c-pap. So far - really, really good.

                            My next step is get hormones regulated. I need progesterone! I am going to have lab work re-done in a few weeks then start with the progesterone cream. I've been out of a regular/predictable pattern, so I can't help with TOM questions. I have heard others say hcg messed with their cycle, though. For me - I've gone a week without spotting - a big deal for me! Another yea!

                            Can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes, hsm.

                            Slightly - hold on and keep planning those menus out. (a 1 1/2 year old? Ohh boy, can't imagine going THERE again!!!)

                            I'll think I'll try pizza tomorrow! And the coffee - no thanks. I'll wait till I can have regular sugar again. Xylitol by itself isn't sweet enough and stevia is yuck!


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                              I love that you guys are a few days ahead of me. Reading your posts is getting me excited

                              Zippity- yay for no-gain-no-loss!

                              Hsm- good luck tommorow!