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Day 20 round 1 Phase 3

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  • Day 20 round 1 Phase 3

    Hi everyone, just an upate on where I am on day 20 phase 3, I pretty much stabilized the entire 3 weeks. I never went up more than 1lb, today I weigh the same as my ldw. I will not introduce sugars or starch in phase 4, since I will be doing another round. The only thing I am really looking forward to is a salad from Jasons deli with ranch dressing and topped with cashews and almonds, I have been craving this salad for awhile now Oh also wanted to say that I did not have a problem with eggs, cheese or nuts in phase 3, I did have a problem getting all the calories in, like so many of you. I can hardly wait to start round 2 and get some more weight off, but I will have 3 more weeks of phase 4. Good luck everyone and thanks again to all of you for your advise and support

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    I didn't introduce much in the way of starches or sugars in P4 of my first round. I was going right back for round 2, as well. I did have on two occasions my son's yummy jalapeno roasted Yukon gold potato wedges and I did fine. This time I am going to slowly add back in a few more starches than I did before to see how I react to them. I won't be doing round 3 until after the New Year. I just have too much going on.