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Grammy Blood sugar dropped BAD questions?

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  • Grammy Blood sugar dropped BAD questions?

    Hi Grammy,
    I am on VLCD 26. Today was my 28th injection (really 27, since I skipped an injection early in the round, to lower the dose) Anyway, today I ate my chicken at lunch with a few cucumber slices, then later had another piece of chicken with about 5 grape tomatoes. Everything was fine. All of a sudden I felt confused, sweaty dizzy, nauseated. My DH is a diabetic and he checked my S, it was 40!!!!. I tried his dextrose tabs (designed for diabetics to bring BS up fast acting), nothing, kept rechecking every 15 minutes. I grabbed my DDs pizza (Dominos) long story short it took 2 pieces of the pizza to make my sugar go to about 75. I just rechecked again and it is at 90. Of course I feel much better. I am soooooo bummed, as I am waiting for the gain, but obviously I needed to do whatever to get it up. My question is why do you think it happened? I have been tested for diabetes and and I am not. I have NEVER had a hypoglcemic reaction before, ever. What gives? Any ideas? I eat basically the same way everyday, and have had no issues. I am so scared it is going to happen again. I did nothing out of the ordinary for activity. UGH!!!!!!!

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    You probably didn't need the pizza. It takes a bit for the level to come up. I don't really know what it happened though. Are you on any kind of blood pressure med?
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      No, not on any meds. I did need the 2 pieces. I are the tabs first re checked BS every 15 minutes, it wasn't going anywhere. I am a nurse and I have seen with patients BS, especially low, sometimes it will keep dropping despite food/drink. I just didn't eat the 2 pieces at once, just a little at a time, rechecking BS q 15 minutes, after the 2 pieces (no crust), it finally went to 70. I was down 17.2 pre load weight lbs (well 16 this am,) gained 1.2 I know some of it is water weight since I cannot get my wedding rings off right now! I have about 10-13 lbs to go to be 130-133 at 5 ft 6", maybe I am getting to that last 10 stubborn lbs? IDK. This am BS was 88. I will keep an eye on it since I have DH's glucometer.