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My Gallbladder has to be taken out because of this HCG Diet

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  • My Gallbladder has to be taken out because of this HCG Diet

    I did several rounds of HCG about 6 years ago and lost weight, felt great...but life happened and went into depression and gained it all back plus tons more. So last year at my heaviest ever 230 Lbs, I went on this Original HCG protocals and have done over 5 rounds now. My losses have always been very slow...slower than most, less than .5 Lb per day. But, I didnt give up and continued with the slow painful losses and have lost 45 lbs, and felt great, started working out bought new clothes. And have been maintaining for a few months now by doing keto diet. And now I have this gallbladder pain which they are telling me is because of all the dieting and have to have a consult with a surgeon to see if my Gallbladder has to come out. I am so depressed about this whole thing. I try so hard to eat right, stay off sugar and low calories and now Im finding out that the process of being off fat for so long (HCG diet) and then going to high fat can cause damage to the gallbladder which is called Gallbladder sludge which then leads to gallbladder stones. I think this is so unfair. My husband and other people eat anything they want all day long and they dont get gallbladder problems....My question is for those that have had their gallbladder taken out, can I still lose weight? Can I still do HCG diet with no gallbladder? I really dont know any other way of losing weight...it would be wonderful if I could find a way like some people and lose weight eating 1200 calories or lose weight doing ketogenic but that doesnt make me lose weight. My metabolism is soooo incredibly slow and now even slower after doing all these HCG 500 calorie rounds. So what now? If I get my gallbladder out, will all the weight come back? If I continue doing the HCG diet with no gallbladder, will it cause liver damage? Will I end up getting stones in the liver instead? or end up with fatty liver cirrhosis due to the low calories and switching to more fat?

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    hcg really has nothing to do with your gallbladder disease. Eating high fat when you already have that sludge can cause it to flare up though. If you research online there are some gallbladder cleanses you can do to clear out the sludge. Functional medicine doctors will often tell you gallbladder disease is related to food intolerances. I'm sure that's what mine was. I had my gallbladder out about 25 years ago or so. I lost 75 pounds on hcg starting about 9 years ago. There are many more of us with no gallbladder who still lose on hcg.
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      I've read that sometimes drastic weight loss can cause gallbladder stones. I lost a lot of weight when I was going through my divorce just because I was stressed and wasn't eating and developed gallbladder stones. The doctor recommended surgery, but someone I knew said if you don't have a family history of them that there is a medication you can take to try to dissolve the stones. I guess with a family history they may just come back, but otherwise the medicine can be what you need. I talked to my friend about this and she's super into finding holistic ways to make yourself better and she read that apple cider vinegar is shown to dissolve stones. So I started doing a shot of apple cider vinegar every night before bed and after about a month I didn't have any more attacks. That was 4 years ago. And I was have gallbladder attacks a couple of times a week. I still take apple cider vinegar every once in a while but not regularly and have had no problems. It doesn't hurt anything to try this so give it a whirl before you go through the pain of surgery.


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        You did hcg, lost weight, everything is fine for six years.

        Then you do hcg, lose weight, start keto and your gallbladder poops out. Must be the hcg?

        I haven’t been on much for a couple of years, but I don’t remember anyone recommending keto for P3 or P4. Is there something I’m missing that eliminates keto as the likely/obvious cause of the problem?


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          Wow, I am so surprised a doctor would readily pin gallbladder sludge on the Hcg Diet, or weight loss in general. I'm also surprised they would suggest surgery before trying other options. I have heard of people using apple cider vinegar, as Ruff suggested.

          My mother also had gallbladder sludge (and it was serious) but was able to clear it up through natural means. This is what she used to clear hers up and avoid surgery:

          1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, tiny bit of lemon juice to help the olive oil go down.
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            I would think the keto diet might exacerbate existing gallbladder issues. I think it is doubtful that hcg was cause.
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