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  • Originally posted by Christy824 View Post
    Hello Lovelies ~


    Glad to see everyone humming along.

    May (for me) is as busy as December. Birthdays/graduations/anniversaries/ more life "stuff" settling down a little bit now, so I've started my 12 gazillionth P2. I think it is 12 gazillion; could be 13.

    Was up 8 pounds and THAT is my "line in the sand" - because I know once I decide to do a P2 & load, it will easily be 10 over LDW, and that is where the fun stops and the work begins.

    And that is exactly what happened.

    So, P2 day 2, I'm down 2 pounds. Goal is to lose as much as I can in 28 days. I stopped putting an actual weight goal number in there, as it was just setting myself up for disappointment.

    I'll do the work, follow the protocol, and what fat falls off, I'll be a Happy Christy. I know how to do this backwards and forwards, standing on my head, juggling oranges in the dark. Now to do it.

    Hello to everyone new and to old friends who are back for some friendly support.
    Go Christy! You, Pearly, Tanya, and others here that have done protocol for years and kept the weight off, with touch ups to keep it off, have been a huge help and inspiration to me! You've also given me the true picture of how much work and diligence it takes to maintain and that is important. Thank you!
    Start 320 * Current 195.6* Goal 150
    P2 VLCD 38


    • Beachy here, blowing up the thread!!!

      Lovelies, I did 45 vlcd and Saturday was 194 LDW. I decided I should just stop now and do a normal round since I was already 5 days over, and you know me and not wanting to end P2! So this was a healthy choice for me. I'm 193 today. I will probably do a summer round and enjoy feeling cooler with hcg!

      I want to share a hair update! I am taking gobs of supplements, and am starting prenatal vitamins, but I have watched my hair thin and break progressively over the last year plus I've been at this. When I did it around 6 yrs ago, I did not have the breakage issue at all, but I was oiling the ends of my hair to seal them. I did have some thinning, but not too noticeable. I color my hair so it's very dry and porous. Oils didn't seem to affect me then, but the do seem to now; so I stopped for all of my P2's which are more days of P2 than not in the last year or so! This time, I have had horrible breakage and I know the diet has been hard on my hair, but protecting the ends could have helped a lot from past experience. Since I have porous hair, lacking moisture, I've switched to shampoo/conditioner with oils in it and WITHOUT SLS, silicone etc. I actually tried some crazy expensive stuff, but they made my scalp itch; so for now I'm using Burt's Bees more moisture shampoo, conditioner, and Burt's Bees Avocado pre-treatment (as a leave-in, yum!). I also switched to Herbatint hair color. If you try that, go a shade lighter than you want since they run dark. And see their site for mixing colors if you want cool/warm shades. I have slept with coconut oil on my hair twice. Wow my hair drinks it up and comes to life!!! Before coloring my hair the other day, I slept with coconut oil on my hair, and an hour before coloring, I added more coconut oil to coat my scalp (and protect it) and let my hair fill up with it. It's supposed to protect the hair while being colored. It worked great! I've got Rosemary oil and castor oil to do a scalp massage and some of the other tips from Dr Axe. My ends love castor oil. Now I need to get a good protein treatment for porous hair. If you know of a great one or have any tips for me, I will be so excited to learn from you!
      Start 320 * Current 195.6* Goal 150
      P2 VLCD 38


      • Yay Christy is back!! So good to hear from you and hope your no longer ill!!

        Beachy, sorry no hair tips from me, sorry!! i've got very thin very fine hair and nothing
        seems to thicken it up.

        i googled my blood type last night. O-. i'm popular at the blood bank!! i am to stay away from dairy and grains and sugar.
        well, not sure i'm willing to give up dairy. i can slow way back on it but not give it up!!

        I have a fleamarket this weekend. Hubby and i just totally organized one garage and got a bunch of stuff ready. loading the
        trailer tomorrow night. Set up thurs night and friday morning. friday go to work, close early, do to flea market. i'm actually
        glad i'm still on protocol. dont have to think about food!! its all prepped!!

        Charlie hope your doing okay!!


        • Originally posted by Beachy View Post
          Roni, I hope your body will heal and release the fluid and you will find some rest in all you're doing! I hope all will be well with you!

          I hope you got the deal from the supplier! I did that when I got a good deal one time and because hhcg was being threatened at that time to go away. Will you share your supplier? Is the supplier different than the company producing the drops?

          I hope you feel well and have lots of good results the rest of your round!
          Beachy, thanks! I use Green Mountain Meds (same formula as the old Mediral brand I used in 2012). I did get the deal...$158.99 includes shipping for 12 2-oz bottles of the drops. I get the WLF (Weight Loss Formula) because it includes the amino acids. The drops are hhcg, and include hcg in the ingredients as 6x, 12x, 30, 60x. I have had great results every time except this time. I used this brand last round in Jan/Feb and lost over 30 pounds and maintained (lost more in P3 due to flu though, so hard to judge...) This round is not really gonna be a good one because of the fluid issues and I think I started the round too soon after having the full-blown flu virus. I was too impatient to start losing and my body wasn't ready.
          Hey, I'm Roni (Ronnie) I bought a ticket on the Onederland Express! Come along and enjoy the ride!

          **** Original Protocol ****
          Round 1 LDW: 240.8 (-31.4)
          R2 Post load: 244


          • Hey everyone! I made it through one day of P2! I felt really nauseous last night before bed so I went to lie down early and feel better this morning. I've never had nausea like that on hHcg before!


            • I had alot of nausea first week this time...never ever before had it in 7 yrs of this.

              So i bought some small cheap steaks, lowest fat i could find. Trimmed all the fat i could see.
              I told my hubby this is eathier gonna bite me in the hind end or maybe i will lose again.
              I didnt eat eggs again either. 147.4 today. 1.4 lbs down. Maybe just maybe i will hit 145. Im almost out of drops not sure if i will make it through the weekend, though.
              Have a great day.


              • Awesome job, Tanya!!! Woohoo!!!

                Sarah: Hoping TES is nice to you today!

                lovely: My old place had the vanilla so I got a small today! Weird how it's the same place but different location and they had it lol

                AFM: Down 1.2 today! Or maybe 1.4...I'm not really sure what I was yesterday lol I just used an estimate because I forgot :/ Hopefully tomorrow I'll be closer to LDW. I'm within 2 lbs. now so I'm good. Work has been stressful! More reports, write ups, etc. It's ridiculous. We're given more and more work with less people to get it done. Today has been a little better so far so hopefully this trend keeps going!

                Anyone here good with t-shirt design? We're taking my mom on a trip soon for her bday and we want to make some shirts I'm just not sure what to put on them...something sassy! lol
                New round! VLCD #1: 04/16/18

                Starting weight: 159.2
                Current weight: 149.2
                LDW: 148.0

                Goal weight: 130 - 135


                • HI there Christy! We missed you around here, although I know you don't want to be doing another P2.

                  lovleylady, Thank You. The scale has gotten better after last week's nightmare.

                  Tanya awesome work on the scale!

                  Beachy, you are here indeed and love it!

                  hcgpro, good work on being back to within LDW.

                  Welcome Manhattan.

                  T1ghtwad is still chugging along I see.

                  I'm so glad I was able to get two days more worth of drops. I had a .2lbs loss, so I'm finally out of the 150's! 149.8. I should have enough drops to finish out tonight and making tomorrow LDW on Day 25. I would love to see 148 tomorrow. I know that's a stretch, but a girl can dream.
                  02/28/12: R1:219.6lb~LDW:183.6lbs 02/01/13 R2: 185lb~LDW:149.4lbs 01/11/14 R3: 180.2lbs~LDW:146.8
                  08/28/15: My Baby Boy @ 9.3lbs
                  01/04/16: R4:220.0lbs~LDW:189.4lbs 03/21/16: R5:189.6 lbs~LDW: 161.4 Lbs 09/06/16: R6:175.6lbs~LDW: 151.6
                  01/09/17: R7: 172.6lbs~LDW: 152.2 09/18/17: R8: 181lbs~LDW: 159
                  01/16/18: R9: 181lbs ~ VLCD37 LDW: 158 = -23lbs
                  04/23/18: R10: 164.4


                  • Good afternoon

                    I started late in May. I'm on Day 6 lost 6.5 pounds. I've done this before about a year or more ago and now I'm excited to get some weight off for summer


                    • Great make over on the sight. But i was not happy they didnt but a drop down button on the need help box. Takes up a 1/4 of my screen on my tablet.

                      so, had my 2 great losses. Warning! TmI! Yesterday id lost 1.4lb. About half hour after i weighed i got sooooo sick to my stomach. Totally forgot id drank liquid mag citrate the night before. So for about 2 hours i did nothing but stay in the bathroom. Then i was fine. Kicked in again after 3 then again after 5 then again, this morning. I had no loss on the scale. Im thinking...are you kidding? Im literally gutted!
                      i do feel so much lighter LOL!
                      anyway, hoping every one has great losses today and be blessed!


                      • Hi everyone,

                        i am new to this forum but not new to the diet. I maintained my weight for 3 years after my last round but i gained 20pounds during my pregnancy and now that my baby is 4 months old I am ready to loose the weight. I am not breastfeedin ( not due to a lack of teyj g).

                        i am on day 9 and I have lost 7 pounds. I have had one day so far where I had a cupcake and some icing which I regret!!! I means seriously how is it possible for suck a tiny piece of food to have so much power! I must try harder this week!

                        i am doing injections and are using 125 units after I had too much hunger on 150 units. I read somewhere that a person should object in the morning and evening? Not sure about that? I have only ever injected once per day- any thoughts on that?

                        I have read the posts on this forum and your support of each other is amazing!


                        • Hi Everyone! Lovelies, I'm happy to hear everyone is motivated and moving forward!!! Congrats Tanya, Sarah and everyone losing lbs!

                          Welcome Beulah36! Congratulations on little one and losing the weight!

                          I had bacon and pork rinds and wasn't able to weigh on time this morning before the bathroom got steamy (which makes our scale wonky). I'll see how I am tomorrow. I may have to be prepared to do a correction day already because bacon/pork rinds ALWAYS make me gain several lbs...usually 5 lbs. I usually don't stress over it because it has always come right back off once I stopped eating it. I don't know whether it's the pork or the sodium since I'm usually fine with a lot of salt. Anyway, the problem is that in my last round, whenever I had these types of gains that used to come right back off DIDN'T come off. They stuck with me. Last round was my only short round ever and I never stabilized well so that might be part of it. I've been good about NO dairy yet because I usually do fine with a little cheese if I wait several weeks. I'm trying not to stress about this. I'm not ready to give up pork yet and so I might just have to accept correction days after eating it. Any advice?
                          Start 320 * Current 195.6* Goal 150
                          P2 VLCD 38


                          • Welcome to the group Buelah! Congrats on the baby! Ive got 2 grandbabies coming this year, im so excited!

                            well day 23 i think. Ive been getting very hungry in the evenings. Not good!

                            beachy, get low sodium bacon. It could be the combo of salt and sugar in the bacon. I either get kirkland sodium free or farlands at walmart, low sodium. No sugar in either one.the hormel black forest low sodium has sugar.


                            • Beachy,
                              I have a similar issue with pork rinds. I think's more the sodium then the pork. I guess the only suggestion would be drink more water when you eat them and be prepared to for a CD the next day. Or maybe a detox bath could help negate the impact?

                              Welcome Beluah!

                              Hey Tanya, How much longer do you have to do on your round? Maybe it's time to start couldn't back your dose?

                              AFM, yesterday was VLCD 25 and LDW of 148! I saw the 148, I got there, I did it! No, it wasn't the 146 I was hoping to see this round, but I'm just so happy after last week to get under 150! Tomorrow starts P3, YIPPIE, CREAM! This morning I stayed at 148, as well, which I'm happy with since I had steak last night for dinner, which sometimes causes a gain. I also been doing some heavy lifting at work the last two days so I will take staying the same. I also decided to "shop" my closet yesterday to see what all fits. I have some clothes that I know if I fit I hit my smallest size, and guess what.... THEY FIT! The scale says a few pounds heavier then the lowest weight I've ever gotten, but the clothes aren't. I mean they do fit a little differently since the baby. I will always have some mommy pouch, a stretched wrinkly belly button, and some "extra" skin from pregnancy, but I'm happy I was able to at least know I could get there again. I just have to prove to myself I can stay there. I wish I could say the loose saggy stomach doesn't bother me, but it does. I feel like here I'm at my smallest and I will still never be able to wear a crop top or true non-high wasted bikini no matter my size because it just looks odd to me. I know in P3 some of the will get a little better, but it will never totally go away. If the surgery wasn't so evasive I would consider a consult.
                              02/28/12: R1:219.6lb~LDW:183.6lbs 02/01/13 R2: 185lb~LDW:149.4lbs 01/11/14 R3: 180.2lbs~LDW:146.8
                              08/28/15: My Baby Boy @ 9.3lbs
                              01/04/16: R4:220.0lbs~LDW:189.4lbs 03/21/16: R5:189.6 lbs~LDW: 161.4 Lbs 09/06/16: R6:175.6lbs~LDW: 151.6
                              01/09/17: R7: 172.6lbs~LDW: 152.2 09/18/17: R8: 181lbs~LDW: 159
                              01/16/18: R9: 181lbs ~ VLCD37 LDW: 158 = -23lbs
                              04/23/18: R10: 164.4


                              • Hello Lovelies TGIF!

                                After 4 VLCD, Im down 5 pounds. Loading weight is gone and I need to crank out another 9 (hopefully) to get where I want to be in June. Doing my best to make the first 14 days REALLY count, as I lose just about nothing in week 3. I now consider that week my body stabilization week that it (my magnificently stubborn body) is using that no losing week to get used to my new body weight.

                                A girl can dream.

                                Beachy I don't eat pork rinds (UGH! You can have my share in the world), but it is the nitrates in the bacon that make me gain (which is actually a salt used in curing and prevents the growth of botulism bacteria, so really important to have) my body does not tolerate nitrates well, so I get the same reaction from pepperoni or any other mixed up or cured deli meat. I just plan for it and celebrate (1) the lovely delicious goodness of bacon, and (2) eating a food like bacon or pepperoni slices chopped up in my scrambled egg means Im not eating sugar or wheat. Nitrates really arent that great for you, so I limit my consumption to once or twice a week.

                                Eating pepperoni slices (in eggs scrambled or frittata or in a salad) keeps me OUT of the pizza trap, so I allow it.

                                Sarah congrats on the 140s, girl! I know how happy you are Congrats on your great round.

                                Tanya day 23 is good. Jim and I usually end up doing only 23 days (including the last 2 that you have w/o HCG), then do a very careful 2-week transition over to P3. It works for us.
                                It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.

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