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    For the time being I am going to stay on Keto.. it is working for me, as long as I can continue to maintain I will stay on it. If that changes I will try something else.....


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      Newcomer, like super new, but also super excited. Saturday was my first day on the VLCD and I have dropped 6.4 pounds in four days. I have been feeling slightly hungry, but I think my body is adjusting and I am feeling less hungry and more empty, if that makes sense. Interestingly this diet so far has really made me re-evaluate my relationship with food. For example, in the past I've often equated that empty feeling with hunger.
      Male, 32 years old, 62, HCG shots, Goal Weight : 225
      Round I - 2018 334lbs (after load) ~ (Start 4/28/18)
      Week 1 Losses (5/6/18): 316.2lbs (-17.8)
      Week 2 Losses (5/13/18):
      Week 3 Losses (5/20/18):
      Week 4 Losses (5/27/18):
      Week 5 Losses (6/3/18):
      Week 6 Losses (6/10/18):
      Week 7 Losses (6/17/18):

      Strive For Progress, Not Perfection


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        A little hunger is normal the first week. It sounds like you are doing great.

        Good observation about hunger. In P3 it is important to know your hunger signals to help you navigate the stabilization period where quantities are unlimited.
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        Please note: Any guidance I offer is based on the OP. ~ maintenance strategies

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