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Marinated Tofu in Phase 3

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  • Marinated Tofu in Phase 3

    I love trader joes, or wildwood marinated tofu squares. 130 cals for 3oz and 17 grams of protein, do you think its ok to eat them in phase 3. I miss that and white miso and tamari and seaweed the most. Oh and tahini, and nutritional yeast. I used em a lot. The swelling in my knees has gone down.. Ive lost 12.1lbs in 13 days, and Im happy about that. cheers

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    29 views and not one post, ok guess I will have to investigate further


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      tofu = fermented bean curd = weight explosion

      From MDA
      6. Tofu

      By now, tofu – in all its slippery and firm incarnations – has made its way into the mainstream of the American diet. Sort of. The texture is something we may never fantasize about, but it is a nice occasional alternative protein source, especially for vegetarians and people who want to avoid too much meat (given the way meat is produced these days). I say occasional because, remember, it is a highly-processed food. Many types of tofu – especially “mock meats” – are really akin to processed deli meats and sausages. Of course, tofu comes from a bean and doesn’t contain antibiotics, added hormones and animal products, but it’s still – all together now – a processed food. In fact, I really don’t think tofu is much different from a slice of low-fat cheddar. Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?
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        Originally posted by quelsen View Post
        tofu = fermented bean curd = weight explosion

        From MDA
        Not sure why you think tofu is a weight explosion, as a vege its my fav source of protein, the organic wildwood tofu, is made from sprouted soybean, and is great form of protein. The quote above is jargon in regards to tofu. Mock meats are gross and I don't eat them, they are like cardboard. But a good sprouted tofu is lovely.

        So I guess in phase 3 I will bring tofu back in and just see what happens. Got plenty of time to think about it.


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          Originally posted by Madrone View Post
          But a good sprouted tofu is lovely.

          So I guess in phase 3 I will bring tofu back in and just see what happens. Got plenty of time to think about it.
          Please share your results when you do, some people don't realize that sprouted tofu is a different animal than conventional tofu. I don't like to prepare my own. I never get the water pressed out enough. ick
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            I do not eat meat but I eat seafood and I too have been wondering what to do about my 3 tubs of organic tofu that have been sitting in the fridge since I started this diet 16 days ago. Since there aren't any clear guidelines on this, I elected not to use tofu on P2 VLCD. But I intend to use it on P3. I cannot logically see why not. It's not as if it was used as widely as it is now when Dr. Simeon was developing this diet.


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              I have had flavoured tofu on occasion in p2 and have gained every time. But sooooo gooooood.....


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                What were your results with bringing in tofu on P3? I'm curious as I am about to start my R3P3 and was thinking about using tofu this time but everyone seems to post questions about it, says they'll use it but no one ever updates after doing so! :-( Please share!



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                  Just curious if you tried the marinated tofu Madrone? If so, was it okay? I am just beginning phase 3 and trying to research my options. I'm guessing I'll probably just explore things slowly and see what works for my body. But let me know. Thanks

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                    people say tofu could help... Hmm. Just share your results with us so I could also advice my cousin about it.
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                      I have had tofu from Whole Foods for several days in P3 now and have not had any adverse consequences. Everyone is different so some people's body might have a different reaction to adding tofu back in. Tofu does make me feel bloated sometimes after eating it, but it does not affect the scale for me the next day.
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