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HCG vial broke

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  • HCG vial broke

    Posted this in the old forum and then found this one. Not sure but couldn't find my question in the new forum so hopefully this isn't a problem posting it again.

    I just found this site 10 minutes ago. Was starting my first day of loading, today. Then, a few minutes ago, I got the vial of HCG out of the refrigerator (the vial was placed inside a prescription bottle). When I opened it, I discovered that the vial had broken and the HCG spilled out. Not good! I can't just ask my doctor to give me a refill because he is on vacation now for a week. Plus, there is the $60 I paid for it to think about but I will manage that if I have to. Maybe I can get some HCG for a week in some other form and then get the script again in another week?

    I am so bummed out.


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    Sorry your vial broke. Did it come that way from the doctor? He may be out of the office, but couldn't you call the office and tell them it was broken and get a replacement?
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      The original doctor who prescribed won't give me a refill without paying $350! I've already had all of the tests done. My regular MD wouldn't help as they don't prescribe BHRT. Don't know what to do. :*( Thanks!


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        I would march that broken vial right up to his office with a pregnancy test wand and SHOW him what happened. It could be that he thinks you are telling a little fib to get another bottle for later or for a friend. I hate to admit it but once, when I was in dire financial straights, I asked my friend to call her pediatrician and tell them that she accidentally spilled the bottle of antibiotics and needed a refill. Our kiddos played together and mine came down with strep right after hers did. They filled it without question though. But I doubt they would've thought she was helping out a friend. They've probably thought of all the ins and outs of situations like that. I suppose your only other option is to go get a bottle of homeopathic, order somewhere else and start over or just pay up.

        Oooh, I guess I'm a bit late on this one. What ended up happening?
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