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Correct timeframe for HCG injections?

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  • Correct timeframe for HCG injections?

    Hello, this is my first time posting. I started the HCG diet, using injections on Feb 19th. There is so much information out there that I am a little confused about the length of time that I need to be taking the shots for. I know that it is recommended to stop for TOM and then resume asap thereafter to prevent hunger. Depending how long I stopped for during TOM, I then add those days missed to the duration of my phase 2? My biggest confusion is about the minimum days that I should be injecting for. I understand that it is important to allow my body the time to reset - can I stop at 21 injections (including make up days for TOM) or is it 26 injections total?

    I started this diet because I have a hard time losing weight despite regular exercise and eating ok - I'm almost positive its due to my low thyroid. I have lost 10lbs to date, which I'm thrilled about but my goal was 15-20lbs and I will be very happy.

    Thanks for any input,