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I'm a newbie!!! :)

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  • I'm a newbie!!! :)

    Hi Guys,
    I am a newbie looking for lots of support and advice! Today is my first day of VLCD, I haven't been starving, but I have wanted to eat out of habit! Grrr I have learned today that it is going to be extremely
    difficult to not eat off my 1 1/2 yr olds plate! Lol Again out of habit!! I cannot wait to get past week one, as I know it's the hardest! I like many LOVE food and have battled with being over weight my entire life. I'm hoping to make some drastic changes.

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    Welcome! It is hard to break the habit of eating mindlessly, isn't it? I love this diet. I think you'll be very successful and happy with it, but the first week can be tough.


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      Hi, I also am a newbie. I start my first day of VLCD tomorrow. Looking forward to getting some support and sharing my journey as well!


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        The first week is hell....lol

        But well worth it.
        R1= 28lbs Loss

        R2 P2 started 09/24/2012


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          Thanks wwhispers!