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Corion reviews ??

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  • Corion reviews ??

    I am wondering what your experience is with Corion. Isn't it true that all are the same, just different manufacturer? I'm wondering if one being pleased with one and not with another is purely psychological. Isn't that like saying I like Sudafed but not the generic?

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    corion appears to be more potent than most brands. i also found it the hardest to regulate in terms of getting the right dose- but it might have been because i didn't go low enough. most are pretty much the same.
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      I can't remember what kind of HCG I used last time. It was powder form, and what ever it was it worked really good. This time I got Corion (powder form). I wanted to mix it the same as I did the last time. So I mixed a 2000 bottle of HCG with 4cc's B-water. And I take 22cc shots. I know this is below the 125iu's minimum, but this is the amount that worked so well with me the last time. How ever I did three loading days and only gained 1.4 pounds. Today Is my first starvation day, and I'm very hungry. This is the opposite of what happened last time, so I'm a little concerned. Does Corion work differently? You say it's stronger so I should I lower my dose?