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Want to start HCG but taking depression meds

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  • Want to start HCG but taking depression meds


    My sister has been struggling with obesity and has been taking Xanax and another anxiolytic. She wants to try the HCG diet but is hesitant about it, afraid it might cause more damage than good. I'm reaching out in her behalf. I really want her to be happy. Please help me help her.

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    Many people experience mood elevation and calm while on HCG. It might actually help her anxiety.

    There is no contra-indication of using HCG along with anti-depressants.
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      I don't think that anti depressants has a negative impact to the HCG diet program but it is important that you still monitor it.


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        I'm on anti depressants (duloxetine/cymbalta and latuda) and I did notice more depressive tendency, the biggest was wanting to sleep a LOT. But as long as you monitor and are aware it should be fine.

        If you are uber concerned, talk to the psychiatrist first.
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          Anti-depressants can give relief to your sister for a short time period. Anxiety is almost the same as stress. The difference is that anxiety is what your body feels, and stress is what your mind experiences. Chronic stress or anxiety is not sickness or a disorder, but it can and does cause many sicknesses if not taken under control. Treatment for it is - Behavioral therapy, particularly the exposure therapy, Relaxation therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychotherapy, Drugs, or consulting a psychic for your help.


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