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Paleo Bread -Coconut Grainless 1 Carb Starch Free HCG Diet Bread

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  • Paleo Bread -Coconut Grainless 1 Carb Starch Free HCG Diet Bread

    Found this amazing bread called Paleo Bread (Coconut Version Only For HCG) at http://www.PaleoBread.com This Paleo coconut bread is starch
    free with 1 carb and almost no fat. I just got my delivery and it did not stall my weight loss while I am
    doing my HCG Shots.paleo-coconut.jpg

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    wow interesting! I'll have to look into this.. do you know of any stores that carry this or is it only available online?


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      Wow this looks amazing! Opps it has egg whites! Im allergic
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        DO NOT....I repeat....DO NOT eat this bread on p2!

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          You're eating this on P2!? What? Never, never, never should you do that.

          Try it in P3, if you want, but P2...absolutely not.


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            Why not?
            You are allowed 2 melba toasts a day. A melba toast is just a piece of sandwich bread toasted, sliced lengthwise, then toasted again. To me it totally makes sense that those who are sensitive to wheat or whatever could make melba with a bread like this instead.

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              A melba is NOT a slice of sandwich bread. What is allowed is a breadstick that has 10 calories. This is totally not allowed on P2.
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