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Quick-Start Hcg Diet
New to the HCG Diet? Find helpful information, resources and support here!
Topics: 7,385 Posts: 59,283
Last Post: Not losing
7,385 59,283
Not losing
by JamesDD
Topics: 508 Posts: 6,256
508 6,256
Where and How to buy real Hcg Injections, Drops, Pellets and Tablets. Request testimonials and ask questions about buying Hcg.Purchase USA HCG online: sources + coupon codes
Topics: 546 Posts: 6,652
546 6,652
HCG Diet Info - Q&A - Popular
Expert Hcg Diet coaches answer questions about about the Hcg Diet Plan and weight loss.
Topics: 19,907 Posts: 254,614
19,907 254,614
Ask and discuss here, or visit the guide: Phase 2, the weight loss phase.
Topics: 4,614 Posts: 123,343
4,614 123,343
Help with Diet Doc HCG
Ask and discuss here, or visit the guide: Phase 3, the transition and stabilization phase.
Topics: 4,232 Posts: 73,102
Last Post: P3 weight gain help
4,232 73,102
P3 weight gain help
by Jenya
Ask and discuss here, or visit the guide: Phase 4, Hcg Diet maintenance phase.
Topics: 668 Posts: 12,777
668 12,777
Metabolism Revolution
by Jenya
Q&A for the HCG Diet Protocol as outlined in the Pounds and Inches Manuscript
Topics: 84 Posts: 700
Last Post: Once again!
84 700
Once again!
Information and discussions for homeopathic Hcg Diet Plans (HHCG.) If you are following the diet with homeopathic Hcg drops, this group is for you! Read also: Guide to REAL Hcg Diet Drops
Topics: 2,015 Posts: 85,957
2,015 85,957
Hungy and weak. HELP!
Hcg Diet Foods & Eating: Questions and conversation about what to eat on the Hcg Diet and how to eat it! See also: Hcg Diet Food List
Topics: 855 Posts: 6,421
855 6,421
Protein Shakes in P2?
by Aallana
Hcg Diet Recipes and Cooking Discussions
Topics: 725 Posts: 6,322
725 6,322
P2 meals, recipes, pics
Ask and discuss here, or visit the guide: Hcg Diet Cheat Fix
Topics: 633 Posts: 4,599
633 4,599
Hcg Diet and Exercise - Exercise to lose even more weight and improve your health while on the Hcg Diet Plan.
Topics: 268 Posts: 3,196
268 3,196
Emotional Binge Eater + HCG
Hcg Diet Support Groups
Christy's on-going monthly support group for all stages and forms of the Hcg diet. We share not only our diet progress but chat about the rest of our lives as well. Say Hi!
Topics: 388 Posts: 120,710
388 120,710
Lovely Losers - Magnificent in May
by shmeans
Grammy's expert Hcg Diet coaching and support specializing in dosage adjustments, mixing tips, and warm hugs. All are welcome!
Topics: 2,837 Posts: 72,702
2,837 72,702
Routine Blood Work Post HCG
by Leez
Planning to start HCG? Gather with other starters by joining a MONTHLY LOADING topic and plan together.
Topics: 104 Posts: 42,530
104 42,530
May 2018 Loaders - On a mission
Need an HCG Diet Buddy? Start or join an HCG Diet support group and share the journey.
Topics: 39 Posts: 60,769
39 60,769
Real Men do the HCG Diet Plan: A place for all men on the diet.
Topics: 9 Posts: 1,584
9 1,584
Hcg Diet for Men - New Post Up
by Jenya
The Vegetarian Hcg Diet Plan. Talk about it here!
Topics: 197 Posts: 1,884
197 1,884
Please post your daily vegetarian menu
Questions and concerns about Hcg Diet side effects and side effects of HCG weight loss shots/injections.
Topics: 408 Posts: 3,494
408 3,494
Weight Gain from Mistakes
by Leez
Forum for people using HCG with medical conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, food allergies and other medical conditions that could cause problems.
Topics: 646 Posts: 8,498
646 8,498
HCG diet & weight loss friendly beauty & personal care products. hCG Diet friendly shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc
Topics: 182 Posts: 1,118
Last Post: Le-Vel Thrive
182 1,118
Le-Vel Thrive
Information and discussion on the different Hcg Diet phases (1, 2, 3, 4) .
Topics: 900 Posts: 13,150
Last Post: Confused?
900 13,150
by JamesDD
Ask and discuss here, or visit the guide:Phase 1, the loading phase.
Topics: 374 Posts: 5,913
374 5,913
HCG Diet Maintenance Phase 3 and Beyond
Topics: 156 Posts: 1,274
156 1,274
Alternative Protocols and Ideas
Modern Medical Hcg Diet Coaching from DIET DOC, an FDA approved telemedicine clinic.
Topics: 1 Posts: 5
1 5
For the rebels, the outlaws and the pioneers who are trying something new and different with the HCG Diet Protocol.
Topics: 57 Posts: 25,381
57 25,381
HCG and Carb Cycling
by Leez
For those who wish to discuss the 2.0 Hcg Diet approach.
Topics: 9 Posts: 1,153
9 1,153
Switched from orginal hcg to hcg 2.0 HELP
by Leez
A road less traveled, for those not strictly following the HCG Diet protocol.
Topics: 179 Posts: 3,556
Last Post: Cycling results?
179 3,556
Cycling results?
by Natalie
--This is NOT part of the original HCG diet plan-- Information about the leptin diet reset and resources
Topics: 47 Posts: 7,207
47 7,207
This forum is specifically for those who wish to debate the HCG Diet. Post your warnings, your pro's and con's- anything you would like. (Also note: If such posts are submitted to other categories, they will be transferred here.)
Topics: 118 Posts: 5,669
118 5,669
For those following Trudeau's HCG Diet protocol.
Topics: 14 Posts: 147
14 147
Trudeau's book/protocol?
Enter at your own risk, everything NOT related to the HCG diet belongs here.
Topics: 272 Posts: 2,607
272 2,607
How fat are your insides? Netflix video.
by sk1771
Forum Related
Forum rules, forum news and forum announcements.
Topics: 41 Posts: 156
41 156
Forums Upgrade and Mobile Apps
by Jenya
Need to learn how to do something on the forum? Find it here!
Topics: 68 Posts: 616
68 616
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Adding A Ticker To Your Signature
by Guest
This forum is new and we need your help! Post category suggestions, (or any suggestions) here and help us to make hcgdietinfo.com continue to grow!
Topics: 154 Posts: 1,367
154 1,367
Progress Transformation pictures
Need help or having an issue with the forums? Post your FORUM RELATED problem here to receive help.
Topics: 194 Posts: 1,018
194 1,018