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Checking in with my fellow Big Sisters!

  1. Blau Texas
    Blau Texas
    Just wondering how everyone is doing? Any updates on losses? Just getting a status check. I am in my first round, VLCD4 with 7 lbs. down (including 2 gained during loading). I was having some slight headaches but seem fine today. How about YOU??
  2. PattiAnn
    I just started my weight-loss journey this week and am currently on R1/P2/D2. I have made a commitment to MYSELF to lose 156 lbs. and after today's weigh-in I am down 3 lbs. from yesterday. I've been reading as much on the Forum as I can, a little at a time, and have already found it to be so encouraging. So, to you I say, "CONGRATS on your 7 lbs. loss!"
  3. Blau Texas
    Blau Texas
    Thanks PattiAnn! You are off to a great start too! Have you ever tried any other methods before this? I am still finding the rapid loss amazing. I lost 80 lbs. back in '94 the old fashioned way, and maintained it for many years but a series of health issues were the catalyst for the re-gain. Now I'm hoping to lose it forever, the correct way! First week of VLCD done today and I am down 12.5 inches and 9 lbs. Exciting!
    Have a great day!
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