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Loading soon & I cant wait!

  1. twingles
    Ok I do feel kinda weird.....being that I want to b P2 again. But chit people I am hooked! I lost 35lbs didnt realize that I would feel thid good. Im not just talking about having more energy I mean OMG some of my pants r falling. Now thats prob what Im really hooked on and I dont want to buy new stuff cause I know Ill lose more!so where did everyone go? Am Ithe only one left that still needs to lose more than100?
  2. Rusty
    I am here (4 months later)! Check those bargain racks! There is aways Walmart! Because of my weight, I live in sweats and stretchy pants, but hiding in the back of my closet are those teeny tiny clothes (size 20, how's that for sad!), that I am hoping to get into after a couple of rounds. After that, I am going to buy some new clothes (of the Walmart variety). You know what I am looking forward to? New, smaller underwear! Single digit sizes!
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