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P2 Recipes and Menu Options

  1. floridee
    Feel free to post your favorite recipes here. I would love to see them. The one thing that I will say about P2 is that it does make menu planning fairly easy.
  2. harkly
    I love using the Reyonlds wrap no stick for baking my protiens, works like a charm!
  3. MissLiz
    Craving a burger? I brown some ground beef with garlic powder, sea salt and pepper. Then I dice up one tomato and mix it with a teaspoon of mustard. Use a lettuce leaf for a wrap and voila! Craving satisfied!
  4. Marthacla
    Hello there......I'm also new.
    I started my loading days the 31 of march 2012, this is my second day of 500 calories, hunger comes at night, today is less than last night.
    I made a great cabbage today with shrimp.
    This is the recipe.
    10 ounces of shredded cabbage
    1 Plum Tomato, raw and sliced 4 ounces
    2 ounces of raw red onion
    2 large cloves of garlic mashed
    1/2 table spoon od Cilantro chopped
    Some Celery seeds
    Some Caraway seeds
    1/4 water
    Pinch of salt and Pepper
    I mixed and cooked until tender.
    The Shrimp I boiled with some celery seeds and salt.
    Hope you enjoy!
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