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And so it begins...

  1. yayhowfun
    Holla *****es! I just started loading this morning. The drops weren't terrible, though I don't really get how you hold it under your tongue. Anyway, I had a smoked salmon and mozzerella omelet from the Italian joint next door - sans the bread/potatoes (well, okay, a bite of each.) My tummy is FULL right now. They weren't joking around about that! Let's hear about your loading ladies...also, on the ticker tape, do you put pre-loading weight or post-loading weight?

  2. BellaXero
    OH... so not fair!! lol Enjoy!
  3. yayhowfun
    Agreed, looking back, I'm angry for posting this!! Haha... But check out my blog! I think it should prove to be entertaining for you.
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