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Challenges and Advice

  1. scarletcerise
    I'm starting this thread for "challenges and advice" for mostly selfish reasons, because I feel like I need advice! Surprise surprise.

    I have been very "bad" the past few days, and I can't seem to get back on track 100%. I've still been taking my hcg, but basically eating way more than 500 calories and non-protocol foods. Yesterday I went on basically a bread binge and ate, over the course of the day, two whole wheat english muffins, two wheat sandwich rolls, a few small slices of cheese, and a bit of olive oil (AAAAH SO BAD!!). This was in addition to my usual protocol meals.

    I need help!! I can't seem to get in control. I told myself yesterday morning, "today you'll be 100% pure protocol," but I couldn't do it. I was hungry, and there's "normal" food around my house for my boyfriend and housemate, and I just couldn't muster the discipline to not eat. I have all this negative self-talk in my head, like you're so bad, you're screwing up your phase 2, etc. etc. And now I'm stuck in this troubling cycle. The beginning of my P2 I was excellent and adhered to the protocol 100%. It seems my willpower/whatever totally just dropped off or something around day 18 or 20.

    Are there any experienced ladies who can give me some advice on how to deal? I don't want to totally screw up this round, but I just can't get back in control. Booo.
  2. greenviolets
    I don't have any advice, but I'm sending you all the good thoughts I can!!
  3. scarletcerise
    So I thought I'd update you all in case anyone else deals with a similar challenge... honestly, I have no idea *what* cased my really difficult recent period in phase 2, but I'm totally fine now. Weird! So I basically cheated in a few small-ish ways over a few days--no major sugar binges or anything, but I ate some bread instead of the melba thing, some small bits of fat (cheese) and more than 500 calories for a few days in the middle of my phase 2. I did not gain anything. I repeat: I did not gain anything. I didn't lose anything until I got back on track, but I didn't gain, I just stalled for the few "cheating days." I had my TOM for some of this cheating business, and I wonder if that had something to do with it. I also failed to take my mineral supplement for a few days, I wonder if THAT had something to do with being hungry/having weird cravings.

    ANYway, because of a 1-week stall caused by my bits of cheating in the middle of my phase 2, I decided to extend my round and do 40 days instead of my planned 30. So I'm now on VLCD 31.

    I eat egg whites in the morning with my coffee because I feel hungry and feel like I need some solid food/some calories. I follow protocol the rest of the day. Some days I only eat 1 of the fruit servings. My losses have returned to .5-1 lb. per day! I'm feeling much better and in control, but I have to admit, it was aweird period there where I had crazy cravings and couldn't stick to the 500 calorie deal.

    I'm not sure if my experience will be helpful to any of you, but all I can say is, do your best to stick with P2 even when it gets SO hard, and if you slip like I did, get right back on track and you should be able to keep losing again.

    Happy 4th weekend to you all!!!
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