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  1. scarletcerise
    How was everyone's Friday? Anything to look forward to this weekend?

    My friend and roommate is having a cookout for her birthday, so I'll be tempted by all kinds of sweet and savory treats. Ugh! Hopefully if I eat my protocol meal beforehand I'll feel fine.
  2. fromfat2phat843
    This time of year is VERY hard for HCG bcuz of all the good things that goes on LOL...Just remember what your reason for being on HCG is and what got you to where you are now! Them good ol' sweets and yummys LOL....Good luck!!
  3. MissLiz
    I've been hiding in my house all weekend. I'm on VLCD2 and the cravings/hunger are merciless!
  4. scarletcerise
    How's the week going so far? Liz, has you hunger subsided? By the 3rd of 4th VLCD it should, or you might want to adjust your dose.

    I was a bad girl and cheated a bit this weekend I was just so tired and there was all this party food in my house, blah. I didn't go nuts but I went above my 500 calories: a hamburger that prob wasn't lean enough, and a few bites of grilled veggies that had olive oil on them, a few bites of bread. Not crazy, but I felt SO guilty about it afterwards, because I'd been doing so well. It's really fricking hard to stick with P2 strictly!! Much harder than I thought it would be.

    Anyway, how are you all doing this week? I see there are some new peeps, hellooo!
  5. MissLiz
    My hunger has subsided, thankfully! Now I'm just contending with the weakness. I'm going to go buy a good multivitamin after work today in hopes that it helps. How are you doing?
  6. Jules22
    Second day of loading- feeling awful! I feel a slight feverish, is that common?
  7. MissLiz
    Hi Jules, I think it's because your body is burning all the calories you are consuming. I know that before the diet, any day that I would eat high calorie foods I would feel feverish.
  8. Jules22
    Ok Quick update - FInished VLCD 3 - Lost 3.4 pounds so far ( not counting the load weights). How come we can add our signatures here?

    MissLiz- yea i agree! I was eating a lot of carbs on top of that which is giving me headaches now, next time i will go for the more fatty foods.
  9. Johanna Rodriguez
    Johanna Rodriguez
    I weighed myself this morning today was VLCD-2 and I've lost 4 lbs from my pre-load weight. MissLiz I've been taking a few which my Dr. said is good to do during the protocol. I haven't felt weak, no headaches or lightheadedness.

    One a Day Women's
    (2) Cinnamon capsules--- promotes sugar metabolism and circulatory health
    Biotin---Promotes Carb, Protein and Fat Metabolism, also helps to prevent hair loss that can be experience due to the reduction of proteins consumed
    L-Carnitine---Promotes heart health and assists energy metabolism
  10. scarletcerise
    What's everyone doing for the holiday weekend? What are your strategies for surviving 4th of July barbeques??

    Here are mine, I'm going to a party at 8 Monday night:

    -Eat a satisfying day of protocol foods before the party--plenty of f/f protein, curry spiced chicken, maybe some extra-lean burgers.
    -Bring a fruit serving and an extra-lean protein to the party in case of emergency/temptation.
    -Go easy on fruit and melba servings the days before so carb/cravings are to a minimum.

    -Pre-mix seltzer water, lime juice, and vodka, mix over ice. Bring to party and sip slowly throughout the night.

    -Remember mantra: "Nothing tastes as good as slender feels."
    -Remind self how great P3 will be a in a couple of weeks! Avocados! Dressing on my salads!! CHEESE! Milk in coffee!! Bacon and eggs!! Fruit with real whipped cream!! AHHH!
    -Ask boyfriend for kisses.
    -Fake headache and leave early if absolutely necessary. There will be other parties this summer, and they will be more fun in phases 3 and 4.

    Okay---hope everyone is okay!!

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