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  1. Jules22
    Great Tip Scarlet esp the fake headache and leave.. you are absolutely right..there will be other parties and they will be more fun....Besides labor day barbecues taste better anyways
  2. scarletcerise
    How did everyone do with the holiday weekend?? And how is everyone this week?

    I am following protocol strictly but have been stalled at the same weight for a few days and am feeling frustrated, as this is the end of my phase 2 for now. Oh well. Maybe I'll lose the last few pounds in P3 when I'm doing low-carb for awhile.
  3. BellaXero
    Hello! my holiday weekend was torture honestly... lol i didnt cheat one bit but the BF did, as for the rest of the week, i cheated last weekend, but it didnt show on the scale (thank god!) and now ive lost another .6 as of this morning bringing me to 13.6 lbs lost so far =]
  4. scarletcerise
    How is everyone doing with staying on track? I just finished up my first P2 and am transitioning into P3. I lost a total of about 20 lbs.

    Any good tips or stories anyone wants to share about P2 or 3 successes??
  5. BellaXero
    Well... I'm back from my mini trip... weighing 1.4 lbs heavier bah!

    I was weak! i had key lime pie!!
    and ice cream..
    and half a grilled cheese...
    And a quarter of a corn muffin..
    And i lost a best with my sister so i tried chocolate covered bacon (which isnt as gross as it sounds)

    But oh well. I refuse to adjust my ticker!! It WILL be back down ASAP!
    Im so ashamed but ill just have to work twice as hard this week to get it down and then some...

    Other then that, the trip was great, the beach was amazing, once you got past the seaweed wall on the coastline (storm the night before so it ripped up alot of seaweed) it was hotter than hell and the mosquitos were avidly following us (though not biting us b/c i bought everything i needed to keep them away!) we spent all day on the beach, (didnt drink enough water either =/) then went back to camp and played uno, scrabble slam, bull**** (card game) and spit (fast card game) with my baby sister for her 16th birthday =] I tried to get her bf of 3 years to come, but his parents would let him go b/c there "Were no adults going"... Im 23 and my bf is 25 but oh well. I guess in the eyes of others you are not an adult unless you have children and in a way i get that.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great monday!
  6. yayhowfun
    Where did you go???
  7. BellaXero
    I went camping in Bahia Honda ( in the keys) with my sister and the BF =]
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