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  1. scarletcerise
    Hi all,

    I'm so happy to have discovered these forums, but if you're like me and feel very overwhelmed by all the threads and general forum stuff, then hopefully a smaller group will be helpful.

    I feel as though I'd really appreciate some online support, since I'm basically doing this alone.

    My boyfriend is supportive (yay!) but he's a sugar fiend and basically eats what he wants; my friend and roommate is NOT an hcg fan after very limited research and basically attacked me today (ah!); and I'm too ashamed and shy to admit to my other friends that I'm even doing this, so I've basically retreated from social life, at least until I'm in phase 3.

    I thought it might be helpful for other 20-something hcg ladies to have a place to vent, share challenges, give advice, and celebrate success!

    So let's do this!

  2. MissLiz

    My name is Liz, and I just started today at age 27. R1P2D1 Drops. Loading!
    I've got a looooong way to go at 307.2, but I am looking forward to my journey!
  3. scarletcerise
    Hi Liz, Welcome!

    Are you going the homeopathic drops or rx grade? Good luck this week! My first 2 days in P2 were a bit tough--I was hungry and tired and cranky. But day 3....everything smoothed out.

  4. nbrower
    Hi Ladies-
    My name is Nicki. I am 27 and I live in Florida. I am on day 4 of the program...The loading days were amazing but horrible at the same time. I am on day 2 of the 500 calorie diet. I am taking homeopathic drops. I am looking to find people who can relate to what I am going through. I don't know all of the terms associated with the diet (ie stuff like R1P2D1). i am also looking for a group to share recipes, hardships, success stories.
  5. MissLiz
    @scarletcerise: I'm doing hhcg drops. I couldn't figure out who was good with the rx grade, and I'm on a very tight budget at the moment. Round 2 I may go with the rx grade since I've heard that one can be more tough.

    I can related with the sceptics. Luckily, most of the people I know are just happy for me to be losing weight. (They're probably like "Finally!") I hate how everyone tries to give me advice all the time on how to diet, which all of their advice is not part of the hcg protocol. So I just say "Thanks for the support" with a smile and ignore what they say.

    Hi, Nicki! I'm on the first loading day, and I am so friggin full. I'm quite miserable!
  6. scarletcerise
    Hi Nicki!

    I know the terms and abbreviations can be VERY confusing and overwhelming, but you'll learn the important stuff quickly. So I'm in R1P2D10. That means I'm in R- Round 1 (first "round" or time trying the hcg protocol), P2 - Phase 2, which is the Very Low Calorie Diet phase, ("VLCD"), D10- day 10 of VLCD. Does that make sense? Some people also include what type of hcg they're doing, whether it's hhcg (homeopathic drops), rx drops, etc.

    Here's a helpful thread with more decoding:

  7. Cant_Stop_Yellen
    Hello! My name is Kristie, I started this diet in feb of 2010, and I am 21!! I am in R5P3D2. I am very glad I found this group because a lot of people dont understand the diet. Luckily both me and my mother were doing the diet, however now I'm on my own and facing the fear of gaining during maintenance on my own! Yikes! Good Luck all!!!
  8. scarletcerise
    Hi, Kristie! I'm a Kristy, too Welcome. It would be great if you would share how you did on your previous rounds...I think the rest of us on here are newbies or at least doing our first rounds and hearing about your experience would be motivating!! how is phase three going so far? I've been dreaming about avocados and eggs and cheese oh my! Can't WAIT for my phase 3, but I'm still in the early stages of P2....D15. cheers!
  9. scarletcerise
    Hello, new peeps! How is everyone? Say hello!
  10. Jules22
    Hey Ladies.

    I'm Jules!! I will be starting the hcg diet soon, have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I have been researching this diet for the past few weeks and i am very excited (a little scared too)to start it!!
    Scarlet, Miss Liz - Totally understand about other peoples criticism about this diet. I'm not planning on telling anyone about the diet because i am sure they are going to try to dissuade me and preach diet and exercise - which is fine but i have been trying that for the last 2 years with minimal results. So i am really hoping this diet works!
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