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  1. Ssueb
    Hi, Im Sue. I jut turned 22. I have been trying to get these stubborn 15 pounds off for ages!! I think hcg is going to help. I start the end of october and I am on vlcd 9.
    JJ - great job on your loss. I have lost 6.5 pounds in 9 day. Not as much as i wish but not to shabby either
  2. Usagi
    Hi ladies! Didn't know there was groups here. I love this place. I started my HCG journey May 21, 2012. I am going to be doing the full 40 days. So far I have lost 23.2lbs in 18 days doing the diet. I cannot belief it and sometimes I feel like I'm going to wake up and be 260 lbs again but no I'm almost under 220!!!! (When I started HCG I was 245 lbs, my heaviest was October 2011... I was 260 lbs). I want to make my body a healthy weight to live a long time and be able to have children without having so many risks due to obesity. My life dream is to be a mom and I want to give it everything I have in me to do this!... I am taking HCG drops - I didnt want to do injections. I must have been bloated from so many darn toxins, but I kid you not - when I started this diet my waist was 44 inches, and now in the last 3 weeks it has gone down amazingly to a 36.5!!! I thank God for all the success that I have had until this point and am praying every day that he will keep me from being tempted and continue to give me success with this plan. I may be taking drops and doing a diet plan but I am still relying on God to bless it.
  3. Negra_14
    That's crazy Usagi! Congrats that's amazing!!! I am on day 6 and lost 7+ lbs excited... Just trying to lose the last 7 stubborn lbs
  4. missmarymac
    Hi all, Im Mary. Im 28 and starting my first round. Is there anyone else just starting in November? I am on day three of phase two and have lost 6 pounds Its great motivation to see those results so quickly. Did anyone else struggle with what to eat? I mean, 1 veg and 1 small amount of meat is hard to be creative with :/
  5. Kemmie18
    Hi I'm Nkem and I'm 22. wow this is quite a venture...I really don't know why I started just before Christmas. Does your life ever get back to normal?

    I do feel tired, having headaches and a little bit hungry. I haven't seen much change I'm on vlcd2 and i'm down 0.5lb from my original weight, 2.5lbs if you count the 2lb I gained loading. But I'm mom bought these drops and I'm going to tough it out. I feel starting in November was a mistake because with Christmas will come hardcore temptation. Has anyone been on the hcg diet during the holidays?

    I have been hiding behind my height (5'11) for so long and being able to carry my weight well.I am up 2 pant sizes from my senior year in high school it would be great to get back down to that size.

    My think is dessert. Does anyone have any dessert recipes?
  6. loose the healthy way
    loose the healthy way
    Hi my name is Linda. I started Hcg on th 4th of September. So far I have lost 50 lbs and feel great. I have 30 lbs to go to my goal weight. Yeah it is hard expecialy with the holidays coming up. I went off the hgc on thanksgiving and gained 4 lbs but now I am down to where I started. Now with Christmas coming up I hope I can stick to the diet. I want to be down to my goal around the new year.
  7. honay1013
    Hi everyone, still trying to figure out these forums, do people post every day here? I'm 28 and starting my 4th round of hcg sublingual.
  8. Rachel4Change
    Hi all, I am on R1P2 VLCD5 (LD1 12/1/12!), and so far so good! I am -7.4 post-load weight/-4.4 pre-load weight.

    I will be meeting my sig-o's (of over 2 years) family over Christmas this year, so obviously I'd like to be looking and *feeling* much better.

    A bit more about me:

    26 y/o
    Day-time desk sitter
    Nasal sprayer

    In good health,
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