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protein increase

  1. Electraw
    Hi Everyone! I'm on p2r1d24 and have lost 20 pounds total but am wondering about adding in extra protein in order to make up for the calories i'm lacking from no melba. I also only eat fruit once a day. Would it be alright to increase my protein once or twice a day? Has anyone tried this?? Thanks!
  2. mimedicgrl
    "Even seemingly insignificant deviations, particularly those that at first sight seem to be an improvement, are very liable to produce most disappointing results and even annul the effect completely. For instance, if the diet is increased from 500 to 600 or 700 Calories, the loss of weight is quite unsatisfactory." - See more at: http://www.poundsandinchesaway.com/d....egqMHZS7.dpuf

    "Very often he wants to know why extra food weighing one ounce should increase his weight by six ounces. We explain this in the following way: Under the influence of HCG the blood is saturated with food and the blood volume has adapted itself so that it can only just accommodate the 500 calories which come in from the intestinal tract in the course of the day. Any additional income, however little this may be, cannot be accommodated and the blood is therefore forced to increase its volume sufficiently to hold the extra food, which it can only do in a very diluted form. Thus it is not the weight of what is eaten that plays the determining role but rather the amount of water which the body must retain to accommodate this food."- See more at: http://www.poundsandinchesaway.com/d....YKY7blZ9.dpuf
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