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  1. Julieinid
    I started this thread, well, because I'm newish here, and couldn't find one that wasn't a year or two old!
  2. Julieinid
    I started off last year, did one round after new years, it went great! I lost a bit over 35lbs in 40 days, felt better than ever! I didn't want to go off but all the readings say you have to, and I felt I had plateaued, I had only lost about 5lbs the last 10-15 days. Once I went off things were good for about 2 wks, then all hell borke lose. It seems after having taken HCG everything I eat makes me gains far more than normal! I was at about 200lbs last time I started, now I'm at 240. 240lbs!!!!! OMG!!! What happened to me? Some where in 2013 I lost myself. I hate this and want ti over with, fast! My family hardly recognizes my and I feel like everyone looks at me thinking how fat I got in such a short time. I feel it. I feel like I can barely move, and don't want to. At this point I would take my old fat self over this new fat self! Clearly, something has to change! For my sanity and health, it has to change. Got paid today, did some shopping. Had my list with my plan of attack in hand. I stocked up for the kids mostly since my stuff needs to be a bit more fresh. Luckily, I don't like to eat at the same time as them, they are starved off the school bus, I like to wait to eat. So eating different works ok most the time. My goal is to get to about 160lbs, 150lbs would awesome! I am scared about going off once I get going since that's where it all went bad last time. I would love to hear if anyone just stayed on for a long period of time. Like I said before, I feel like I lost myself some place this past year, I felt bad before being overweight but compared to now, I was slim then! I feel my stomach resting on my lap when I sit, which is alot, since I don't have the energy to get up and do anything!
  3. Julieinid
    Tomorrow I will start the first load day
  4. rhythmicessence
    Don't be afraid to get off the HCG! Also, don't be afraid to extend your rounds for as long as you're focused. P3 is all about stabilizing and controlling your macro-nutrients. You will do fine!
  5. DivaG313
    As long as you continue to weigh daily and take notice when your weight has inched up to see what it was that you ate which may not have agreed with you and you do a STEAK day for the correction you should do fine. I agree with you though about the 10-15 day time was time to stop.

    Usually, I notice that is what has happened with me. It srems that most of what I am oing to lose goes in the first 30 day window and thereafte it's a yo-yo game with my weight up and down anywhere from .2 to a t.5 gain and loss until I go through about 10-15 days of this and just give up and go on to P3. Long rounds work for very few people in that I don't see the real progress they have and most go through the .2- 1 lb. dance back and forth too. They may not all admit to it but there have been so many that do that I am prone to think it's not an isolated thing.
  6. stephaniegeorge
    Loading today! Made a mess mixing and injecting. Hoping I did it all right!
  7. DivaG313
    Julieinid what type of HCG were you using during the past round when you lost the 35lbs and was that your first round or an additional round such as #2,3 etc.?
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