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  1. Julieinid
    It shows a couple people may have joined this thread, but I can't tell for sure! Welcome if you have! It's been crickets around here because my first loading day went great, although I hate being that full! Then yesterday, the second day, I was so sick! Caught the flu my daughter had two days before! Still not feeling very good at all. Clearly I'm going to have to start the load over. I have kept taking the pellets though as I read in some of the forums that Dr. Simeons had some of his patients load for up to a week to get on track... I wanted to load today again, but whoa my stomach is rough still! How's it going for everyone else? Have you loaded or started? What are you using?
  2. rhythmicessence
    Whoa! I couldn't even imagine loading for an entire week! I'm using injections. I've used sub-lingual and injections and I prefer the injections, hands down!
  3. DivaG313
    Where are your pelleets from?
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