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Loading: Day 1

  1. Julieinid
    Dying! I hate being this full!
  2. cutecoconut73
    Can't wait to start waiting for my hcg. I imagine its tough to load up when your mind is set on loosing weight! Good luck
  3. cutecoconut73
    Have you weighed yourself to see how much you gained on loading day 1?
  4. Julieinid
    I got so sick after my first loading day (picked up the flu my kid had) I'm starting over, probably tomorrow, was hoping to today but I don't think my stomach can handle it! UGH! How's it going for you? I've found a few places to get injections (rather than the pellets I use) but am clueless in ordering, not sure what it is, or how much I would even get!
  5. rhythmicessence
    That sucks about getting sick just as you were starting. I gained so much for my loading days which started on Jan 2nd, but it might have had something to do with eating 3500 surplus calories and tons of carbs. Haha
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