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  1. rhythmicessence
    Where is everyone?
  2. DivaG313
    Hi thought I would join in with you. I know that I have determined that this is my year or BUST! I can't do this anymore and if my joints would cooperate, meaning my knees because my back is in much better shape than perhaps I can do water walking in the pool and some bicycle peddling, NOT to be confused with cycling because I don't think I am up for that. I am looking to try a different type of HCG and possibly explore the HHCG again which was so successful for me in 2010- unfortuunately, I don't remember what type I had so that's my downfall. Trying to find a very successful brand of HHCG in any form that someone can swear by having used and obtained great results.

    I have had great results twice- once with HHCG and once with RX HCG-HUCOG (which they don't seem to have anywhere anymore :-().
  3. DivaG313
    I read your post about having gained weight after thye previous round last year:

    DivaG313 - January 28th, 2014, 10:44 AM - permalink

    As long as you continue to weigh daily and take notice when your weight has inched up to see what it was that you ate which may not have agreed with you and you do a STEAK day for the correction you should do fine. I agree with you though about the 10-15 day time was time to stop.

    Usually, I notice that is what has happened with me. It srems that most of what I am oing to lose goes in the first 30 day window and thereafte it's a yo-yo game with my weight up and down anywhere from .2 to a t.5 gain and loss until I go through about 10-15 days of this and just give up and go on to P3. Long rounds work for very few people in that I don't see the real progress they have and most go through the .2- 1 lb. dance back and forth too. They may not all admit to it but there have been so many that do that I am prone to think it's not an isolated thing.
  4. DivaG313
    [B]Rhythmicessence [ where did you get your pellets from? I would like to try something different. Right now I have been taking Si-Fasi and I have had some success but defintely want to find something that renders a higher level of loss especially when I know I am working so hard to stay POP.
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